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Laptop Crisis!! watch

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    So at the moment i have an ASUS notebook and I can Honestly say it's really bad - the keyboard no longer connects to the tablet, and by the time all the system files are up and running, it barely scrapes 8gb memory, which (ironically) has been taken up by the cloud. 10/10 would not recommend!

    Initially I though about getting a MacBook - they have a fantastic reputation, and as a music/ art student it would mean a lot to me if i could have a device that ran music mixing/ recording/ looping programmes, as well as visual programmes such as photoshop. ITunes is also pretty nifty. However, they cost a fortune, and there are so many models, i woukdnt know which one to go for!

    Alternatively, I DO like the design of a laptop/ tablet hybrid - i know there is a Microsoft Surface Pro, but they are just as expensive as a Mac, and are they any better?

    The bottom line is that I need as device that (as previously mentioned) can run music and art-related programmes. Though price is obviously a big contributing factor, if something is worth saving for, then I'm willing to pay it.

    If anyone can shed some light onto this situation, it would be so appreciated. Thank you! xx
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    I could do this but its pretty similar to

    There are various ways and it just requires you to get a pen and paper to specify what you want.

    v whats available v what your budget is.

    Laptop, ultra, hybrid?
    How heavy
    battery life
    How fast
    Which software must it run
    Any gaming?
    Quality of construction.
    Keyboard, screen, sound, pointer.

    Ergonomics i like to go and test the model (John Lewis)or with Amazon you cna try and send it back without fuss.

    Macs expensive but have good resale value., PC more freedom, cheaper, but not as swish.

    I presume both the mac and pc run both sorts of software. Where is it easiest to get them and how much will they be? Do you have them already, does the uni get you a discounted rate? Mac software is more expensive normally.

    For music I imagine you need, memory, storage and a decent processor. An ssd might be handy as well. Soundcard.
    For photoshop, processor, memory, ssd and maybe a better graphics card for rendering.

    Find out what other students use.

    For reviews this is the best indepth review site.

    Btw must it be a laptop?

    UniDays are doing a discount on Apple products and MacBooks are included I think.
    It's worth a look, and it's quite easy to sign up for UniDays as well.
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