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    Hi, I have a question regarding the £10,000 Postgraduate Loans beginning this summer. My question is in regards to eligibility.

    I am English but I am studying (and, therefore, living) in Wales. I intend on doing a 1-year taught Masters at a Welsh university after I graduate this summer. Will I be eligible to claim this Postgraduate Loan?

    I am asking because the information regarding the loan thus far is quite confusing. For example, one SFE pdf I have read says "you must normally live in England". What, exactly, does that entail? I am English, I lived there for 19 years. My family live there. I go back there to visit. But I study in Wales so I kinda have to live in Wales...

    Above that section of the same document it says "We provide financial support on behalf of the government to students in England studying in the UK." On that basis I am eligible because I am English but study in another UK country, right?

    My university's postgraduate page says "Loans of up to £10,000 will be available to English domiciled students studying master's level courses at a UK university, including X University." For example, what is meant here by "English domiciled"? Does that simply mean English students, or do I myself have to somehow live in England while I study in Wales in order to get this loan?

    [EDIT:] I have now just read "Available to English domiciled students (this includes those currently studying in Wales)." So will I be eligible, even if I live in Wales as a result of studying there?

    [EDIT:] I have just read another source (from a Welsh uni) which basically says this... that if a student is from England (thus has been funded by SFE already) and has studied for an undergraduate degree at a Welsh university and then immediately starts a Masters in Wales the following academic year then they will be eligible? So, for example, if I graduate this summer, go home to England, and then start a Masters in Sept/Oct and move back to Wales then I am eligible?

    E.G. from Student Loans Company:

    "Temporary absence from the home address, such as for education or travelling, will not prevent an applicant being eligible for PGL."

    I hope this hasn't been a stupid question - the wording related to this nationality/residency issue is quite vague and pretty confusing. I just don't want to apply to do this Masters and then be told that I wont be eligible for the Postgrad Loan.

    Also, if my situation makes me ineligible then is the only solution to graduate from my university in Wales and then move back to England, live there and do a Masters at an English university?

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    Hi JA1994

    If you have only moved temporarily to Wales for the purpose of study, you would still apply to Student Finance England so would be eligible to apply.


    Thank you for asking this, JA1994 - I am in the exact same situation. I am English, lived in England for 29 years, came to Wales to study (and am, therefore, living in Wales) and would like to apply to study a Masters at my current Welsh university for the 2017/2018 year.

    I've just been on the phone to Student Finance England, who have been financing my degree thus far, and the poor guy was just as unclear as me about the eligibility criteria for the postgraduate loan! Your information is reassuring, Mark Lee, and I am hopeful that I will be eligible, but I wonder if it will make any difference that I consider myself to be a permanent resident of Wales? I can't really see how I wouldn't be considered as such? I came here with the purpose of studying, so I now have a Welsh address, which I live at year-round. I don't go home to England for the summer (though I do visit very often) or have an alternative English address. I have a part-time job here in Wales to support myself while studying... is any of this likely to complicate matters?

    I am still funded by Student Finance England, which the guy on the phone believes should keep me eligible as in itself it implies that I am "usually domiciled in England".
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    There seems to be a lot of very confused people regarding this issue, from talking to people at university, reading this forum and doing additional research online. I have a lot of sympathy because despite Mark's response I still have a feeling that when it comes to applying in late June something will crop up meaning that I'll be ineligible.

    Some of the terminology is very vague and stuff like "you must normally live in England" combined with phrases such as "Available to English domiciled students (this includes those currently studying in Wales)" makes things even more confusing.

    From Mark Lee's reponse, "If you have only moved temporarily to Wales for the purpose of study" then you are eligible. That's what I am personally pinning my hopes on for the time being.

    I think in your case too that you moved to Wales purely for studying purposes. It doesn't seem that you moved to Wales and then a few years later decided to study there. Like you, I also worked part-time in Wales, but only because I am studying here.

    I keep checking my current and future university's website for any updates (it could be worth emailing your university's finance office):


    Cardiff seems more cautious and refers people to the SFE section of this website, but some of the answers in relation to similar things I asked adds to the confusion.

    Sorry I can't be much help (I still feel in the same boat as you), but maybe we'll be able to get further clarification from Lee.
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