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I was sexually assaulted by my ex and our friends are just sitting on the fence watch

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    My ex boyfriend is in the same group of friends as me. He didnt take our breakup well in early january and refuses to accept that ive moved on while he hasnt atall. When we go out clubbing he gets drunk and desperately tries to get me back and is really creepy with me. Last weekend he was particularly needy and kept trying to kiss me and get me to dance with him. We stayed at a friends on saturday night in the early hours for drinks, he knew I was staying there and refused to leave supposedly because it was late and he would be mugged. So we slept in the same bed. He climbed in hastily beside me and I was so tired and thought what would happen as we arent together now, i didnt object -mistake! as soon as my friend went to sleep he started touching me everywhere and was whispering how he still loved me and wanted me back, he kept trying to kiss me so i clearly said No to each advance he made and then turned over to face the other way and went to sleep. Then again he tried to grab me and pull me on top of him, and said something like he wanted sex, I said no again and told him to stop touching me. I then woke up to his hands on me again and he ran his hand up my leg and tried to touch me through my tights. Then I lept up and got out.The following day he messaged me saying how depressed he was and I spent hours in the night crying trying to convince him not to commit suicide, I was so scared so called his roommate to check on him. He was so angry the next morning and told me i had no right and that he never was going to kill himself.By then id had enough, he had been constantly bothering me since our breakup and with this i told him I wanted no further contact.I organised a night out and he invited himself and refused to stay home. my friends say im overreacting, and one girl said i brought it on myself by wearing a tight dress, chatting with him and hugging him that night (which i did as an alternative to kissing him), and I should just come out. They are acting like nothing happened with him because they dont want to 'take sides' I didnt realise there were sides on something like this, its not just a petty argument, he assaulted me and now I cant go out anymore because he says he deserves to be there and will always come, ive asked if we can go out alternate weeks and he is refusing to agree to this either.Im sick of being made to feel like its my fault, and if this happened to one of my other mates i would never speak to the person again, some things i just dont think you can sit on the fence with, but im being told to get on with it and stop making a fuss.
    Why is no one atall loyal over this, just because it wasnt rape?

    Why are you friends with these people? One of them said you deserved it for wearing a tight dress for Christ sake, your friends are a disgrace and you're better off without them.

    My advice, find some better friends and stay away from your ex. Friends should never put you in this position.

    So post break up angst is common but this is too much. I would tell him in the clearest terms he's out of order, you don't want to see him and if it happens again you will go to the police or a solicitor. Agree your friends should be far more supportive.
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