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I don't know what to think!! PLEASE HELP?! watch

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    okay so I'm 16 and my friends are crazy about boys and girly stuff and I don't know whether to put this on relationships or everyday issues but I figured this wouldn't an everyday issue so... . So a few years ago, my old friend (note OLD friend) noticed that this guy in my year kept glancing at me. She noticed not me, and i would get annoyed and tell her to shut up. Before this there was a rumor going around that I like him and I had no idea until my other friend told me. But anyways, I carried on with life and now I have new friends. They know about how my old friend always noticed the guy looking at me but didn't think much of it. Until last year. I would be walking and then they would go silent and gasp and pull me away and whisper that he's looking then carry on normally again and sometimes even laugh at how red I get when I notice him looking my way (yes even I notice now). My friends are REALLY loud and I'm a bit embarrassed when he's around because I think he thinks I like him BECAUSE OF THEIR REACTIONS and they think HE LIKES ME. Some other things he does apart from staring are walk to my side when I'm coming past, always brush past me and comes close to me when there are others around and a few months ago, I was sat with my back to him during lunch and we were talking about whatever and my friend suddenly started squealing and quietly whispered to me that he was staring directly at me!

    This is really confusing I know.

    But anyways I've come to admit that I may have slight feelings for him now (like an attraction since I notice him more now) but I DONT TALK TO HIM! AND I dont plan on it. I'm too awkward.

    I'm really embarrassed about writing this for some reason. Just to let you know, I know this isn't some sort of high school love and romance and I know it's a teen thing but I'M JUST SO DAMN CONFUSED RIGHT NOW!

    WHAT DO U GUYS THINK? PLEAse don't tell me to talk to him it's not happening, we have no classes together and have completely different friendship groups.

    Well tbh you'll look back in a year or so and think this is really trivial. It's definitely not worth getting stressed about. With regards to whether or not he's interested in you, the chances are that he is, or that he's just prone to daydreaming and you happen to be in his line of vision

    If you're DEFINITELY not going to say anything to him, I don't think much is going to happen, although if you think you have 'feelings' for him, why not try to chat to him casually? It may turn out that he's really boring, or he may be fantastic. Either way, I wouldn't pin my hopes on him coming to you. He may do, but if he likes you the chances are he's FAR more nervous about trying to talk to you than you are of talking to him!

    Hope this helps! x

    Well you either do something....or you don't.
    Here's some good advice, friendship groups and classes are not walls between people that you can't break. You might feel like it is, but it isn't.
    Talk to him, ask him for coffee if you want to, you have nothing to lose if he doesn't want to. If anything he'll respect your initiative, as will other people you know.
    You can't control how you feel, so you either need to make a firm decision not to act on it for good reasons, or remember you only live once and it's best to take opportunities when they present themselves or YOU WILL REGRET THEM.
    The amount of times I've not acted on things and regretted it is ridiculous. If you like somebody, they don't magically fall in to your arms as soon as they realise, you have to do something practical.
    If you don't want to talk to them, then the only answer is try to move on and forget about it.
    Hope this is of some help.

    Two years later you're in uni and won't speak to 80% of these people ever again.

    Who cares?
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