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    I graduated a long time ago.

    Rather than go for the graduate job i went and worked some odd jobs and traveled for a few years.

    When i got home there was no available graduate type jobs i could get. Bear in mind i had a sports science degree not so good for getting specific jobs.

    I continued to work silly jobs like pizza delivery etc..but then whilst delivering pizza ironically had major car crash, then things went pete tong with my gran and dog dieing and i got an alcohol addiction then withdrawal symptoms. I got addicted to online gambling also and in 10,000 pound credit card debt. Eventually i got myself together somewhat the whole time living at my parents in my small room and got a crap job again.

    Im late 20s now and i really have no possible future the way i see it? Graduate bank jobs etc want young graduates not someone like me....and my degree doesnt lead to any kind of job like accounts or law etc.

    I dont have any desire to do some post grad study to get specific job like physio or pe teacher etc nor do i have the money.

    Im skint and bankrupt atm and i hate these crap jobs i do they make me even more depressed but when i stop working im broke.

    But what else can i do? I cant get no decent job not that i see any anyway.

    Seems like my degree is pointless now. And I dont have the money or desire to retrain not that i even have any idea what i want to train in.

    And the other aspect of life, such as what many my age are doing, having partners, babies, houses etc...is not even in my thoughts. And socially im dead, lost touch with most freinds and fell out with a couple of good ones, so just doing nothing at all....not like im young and can just go out parties and get drunk etc either...

    Feel like im gonna be stuck in this small room forever....

    Pull yourself together man! Everyone hits rock bottom in life. After you reach rock bottom the only way after that is up. Sit back think and re-evaluate what you want to do. I am in my late 20's and now in my second year of college again. I didn't want to go back but It was either that or work in bum end jobs like the ones you mentioned. Heck, who knows if I am going to do what I am studying this time at college but I will think of that when the time comes.

    But you are not alone I have been where you are not with the alcohol or gambling problems though. Try get a trainee level job in a job or industry which is growing or needed. I wouldn't bother applying for shelf stacking jobs if you don't want to progress up, otherwise you will only last a few years. Or you go re train a skill at college, military or just work you way up into something good.

    My Facebook is filled with friends who have graduated over the years and are still struggling to get that solid 'first' job, and alot of them would actually rather stay completely unemployed while looking for that dream position, so well done for atleast trying to hold little jobs along the way i would say

    If i were you, and i had a sports science degree, the route i would TRY to take is:

    maybe get a job in a gym, fitness centre or even a retail sports shop or whatever(say you have an interest in sports and would love to work in a sporting environment) and try and make it a finance based role, or a whole that has some level of responsibility in the office, whether thats processing memberships, working in reception, being a finance assistant - anything like that, stay in that job for a year or so?

    Then work your way into a bank / firm or whatever, whatever you do along the way, whatever jobs you take, only aim for jobs that you believe will give you relevant experience to where you want to be

    dont only look for 'graduate' jobs, your restricting yourself by only looking at jobs that you think are 'graduate' level, in your late 20's, it probably isn't in your benefit to try and sell yourself as a someone who wants a position because you are a graduate, when your 21 and fresh out of uni, alot of employers expect that all you 'have to offer' is that your a smart graduate, once you get older, your better of selling how much you love a specific type of something and why it influenced your decision to get a degree in sports for instance, and how your experiences over the years make you a fit for whatever
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