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    It was half term last week and I went to the library almost everyday and 6+ hours of work plus some in the evenings (not all the time though). It's now Saturday and I have the worst headache, I'm extremely fatigued and I keep crying for no reason and over irrational things. Whenever I think of my June exams and coursework I get heart palpitations and it all seems so overwhelming even though I'm not behind in my work/ not working hard.
    I just feel so physically tired yet my mind wants to keep revising. Please help!!
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    You should have a study plan, which distributes your revision over the remaining time left. that will ease some stress as you have soemthing to work to.

    Included in that should be the requirement you have a healthy diet as that will give you energy and manage your blood sugar levels. You should also make sure you remain hydrated.

    You need to get regular sleep.

    Finally you need to look after yourself and that means putting time aside for rest and relaxation. This is just as importnat otherwise you cna drive yourself into the ground and as a result you will be less effective. You sound as though you just need to take a few days off and chill.

    Make sure you leave some time to relax every day and maybe consider having a day off from revision once a week? at least until you get closer to the exams. if you start crying, get a headache or making stupid mistakes then you could try getting some fresh air and coming back to it in a while, but there's no point doing revision if you're too tired to really learn from it, you could also try asking people aiming for similar grades how much they are doing and remember that its only February, you have ages to cover everything

    You absolutely need a plan. The problem with revision is that there is always something else you can do. If you have a plan you could get a teacher/friend (I don't know whether you're at college or uni) to look over it to see if it's reasonable. I will say now doing 6+ hours every day until the summer is totally unrealistic. You might want to be spending an hour or two a day at the moment (depending on your timetable/subjects) going over the things you're learning and preparing revision aids and notes for yourself. Then when you get closer to the summer exams you can step it up a gear, but even then you need to think about how you're revising.

    Make sure you work smart, do things that really help not just reading page after page of information and copying it or something, take regular breaks (when I revised I never worked for more than 60 minutes, usually no more than 30, without getting up and walking somewhere (even just the water fountain, but often took a 5 minute walk outside)), and plan proper time to yourself... if you plan it you will use it to genuinely relax not to sit on facebook feeling guilty for not working!

    make sure you're exercising and eating and sleeping well as those things will help manage your stress levels and stop you feeling so worn out

    finally, if it's really overwhelming you TALK TO SOMEONE and do it now rather than letting it build up, whereever you are in the education system there will be things in place to support people who are feeling under pressure the way you are
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