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I personally find it crucial to get a place free of distractions! For my exams, I started revising in my bedroom at my desk, but my bed is very close and I was tempted to just sit on it and read a book. Not only that, but my cats wanted to jump on my desk! Needless to say, I didn't spend much time studying.
The next day, I brought all of my notes, textbooks and stationery and went to the main library of the local university. They have a large quiet room for quiet studying. I didn't even bring my phone or anything! It's too tempting to use!

I also made sure to plan my week. I dedicated a day for this subject and a day for that one… Naturally I can spend all day on a subject, but if that's too daunting for you, you can switch what you study and do for example two hours of Maths, a break and then two hours of English.

I used to study from 8 to 4 in the afternoon (with breaks and a meal) and the rest was free time. Obviously you need to relax a bit too!

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Teaching other people like friends or family is essential when testing how well you know a subject. The better you know your subject, the better you'll be at teaching it, and vice versa.

Also, practicing exam technique like timing and how to structure your essays are just as important as learning the content of the syllabus.

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