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    My offers are-
    Bristol: AAB
    Sussex: Unconditional (only if firmed)

    I like both cities the same really, I could see myself having a great time in either.

    I prefer the accommodation at Sussex although that is only 1st year. I also like how it's an hour away from London. I slightly prefer Sussex's course content too (I'm interested in cognitive neuroscience - it's listed as a 3rd year option for Sussex but not Bristol) although it's not a game changer.

    I keep going back and forth; I've talked to all my teachers and whatnot and it's essentially ended up 50/50.

    I'm predicted A*A*A (psychology english biology) although I genuinely don't think I'll get an A in biology. I need around a mid C at A2 level to get a B in biology overall and whilst everybody keeps telling me I'll get the grades if I want to get into Bristol, I've always been a very skeptical person.

    Whether it's right or not, I read a lot into league tables and whatnot and that's actually how I found Bristol which has a massive reputation. What concerns me a little (should it?) is that in 2013 Sussex was considered a top 10 University for Psychology and in 3 years it's dropped to about 25th.

    If I were to firm Bristol, I have no idea if I perform better or worse under pressure. The only time I've felt significantly pressured was my first ever driving test which I messed up. And to be honest, I feel really really burnt out with education. I've put so much effort and desire into the past few years, I try to replicate it this year but I lack so much motivation and the unconditional from Sussex would lift such a colossal weight off my shoulders.

    I guess the main points are this:
    -On a good day, I could probably get the grades for Bristol. But I'm pessimistic- one bad Biology exam and I'm off to some insurance that I don't care about.

    -I don't want one day, for me to lose out on a great job to somebody who's exactly the same as me, the only difference being that I graduated from Sussex and they graduated from Bristol - is it possible this could/would happen?

    -Lastly, if I firmed Sussex and achieved AAB I'd probably regret not firming Bristol. But if I firmed Bristol and slipped up, I'd feel tenfold more regret. (I know that in some situations Unis may accept one or two grades below, but that's a risk because AAB in the first place is a really generous offer from Bristol).

    Sorry if this is all fragmented and not easy to read, it's 2 AM and I'm just pouring everything out. Help.

    Hey! I stumbled upon your thread and I'm in exactly the same situation although, I haven't actually received an offer from Bristol but thinking about applying through clearing. So I just wondered what you ended up doing? Good luck with everything!
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