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redoing GCSES at 23 and going for 3 A levels at A and trying to do computer science watch

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    Hi, guys thought I might pop on here and see what advice there is.

    My story then.
    I didn't commit myself to school as a child. I didn't revise and mainly slept in class or read books.

    I want to go to a good uni. I'm currently self teaching myself programming.
    Namespace/statements/functions/libraries. I honestly didn't think I enjoy programming and now I want to pursue a career in computer science.

    I want to go to one of the best universities in the UK for computer science to improve my chances at future employment.

    I got these GCSE results
    Math D
    English C
    English lit C
    Double Science C
    Religious Studies C

    I went to college and studied a National BTEC Level 3 in Uniformed Public services at Merit Merit. I lost focus in my last year and first year results basically carried me though.

    I really did not know what I wanted from life until late 2015
    I currently also been offered a job as a electrician trainee and plan to pursue that also since it very good money.

    I live in London.

    I was thinking say for example I wanted to get into UCL, what the fastest time frame do you think I could get into UCL?

    I need 3 A levels at A for the computer science course it seems.
    I also need to get my maths to A.

    I found all the past papers for edexcel on online and as soon as I buy ink I plan to commit myself to learning all the concepts and patterns. I think I have 0 issues passing GCSE maths.

    I looked online and I noticed this "intensive A level 1 year course" I also seen AS pop up a few times.

    My idea is this? GCSE maths to A by June (self study) then go to college evening if possible and try to achieve 3 A levels. Is there maths and further math A level or is it just one A level?

    Do you think I need to get science and English also to A? GCSE? or could I just focus on maths and 3 A levels?

    I prefer to go UNI by September 2017.
    My main concern is that i may be working full time as a trainee sparkie. i'm currently a labourer but next weekend I be starting weekend work with this small electrical firm. Can I study 3 A level "evening" get my GCSE math to A and maybe 2 more GCSE'S if required by September 2017?

    I know by the time I get on the course in September 2017, I most likely would be familiar with visual tools like unreal and unity 5. I currently have two friends. One is already studying programming and in his 3 year. He helping me with programming, checking mistakes and errors. Another other friend who went to UCL and he had been a private tutor and offered me help in maths.

    What do you think is the best course of action and can any recommend colleges that I can go to in evening and achieve 3 A levels and what A level aside from Maths do you think I should go for to get me into UCL and lastly any any advice on where I can sit GCSE maths in london.

    Reach for the stars and maybe you land on the moon.

    What about just dropping in on lectures? Programming jobs hire on Github profiles, not degrees (though the latter helps - but code you already have will help much more).
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    (Original post by JoeTSR)
    What about just dropping in on lectures? Programming jobs hire on Github profiles, not degrees (though the latter helps - but code you already have will help much more).
    I can drop in on lectures? lol? Is that possible? Just walk into a uni and sit in their class lol?

    My only concern is that I lack knowledge and experience and programming needs to be done in the "right way" and I want to learn from the best. Knowledge is power. I think I can only achieve so much from my basement :P

    Advanced Physics
    etc etc

    I like to have access to the best resources.

    Interesting. Never knew it was so easy to get into lectures. I will have to attempt it at some point in the next month to just see. You kind of inspired me even more to pursue programming in all its forms.

    Stanford and some others also have lectures you can view online for free. Check their youtube channel, as well as http://online.stanford.edu/course/co...101-self-paced (the courses link on there has more).
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