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Hi TSR forum,

I am finishing my undergraduate study in History this year and am looking on to master in an area of study that I have found a new passion in during my time at university. I want to transition my personal study of consciousness into the official arena of academia, however as it is such a wide subject area I am struggling to decide which line of research would be most relevant and rewarding. My interests in the field primarily derive from my desire to understand and discover what altered states of consciousness are, how consciousness can be experienced differently and why it has the ability to be altered in the first place. From this initial enquiry my research has led me to study out of necessity the theories proposed by scientists, specifically neuroscientists and quantum physicists, whose line of work requires them to look at the macroscopic small-scale structure of the brain and the universe which is the closest we can get to studying where consciousness emerges. However I have found that research in the fields of spiritual/eastern-mystic, plant entheogens (psychoactive compounds) and mental health have all been of equal substance in working towards a theory of consciousness. Due to the multitude of areas that consciousness can be studied, I am finding it hard to choose a single subject to focus my work into. If anyone could suggest which subject area would provide the most relevance and opportunities for this line of work it would be appreciated.


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You'll have to do some research to work out which area of study this kind of thing falls into (psychology maybe?) and which unis offer masters courses in the area. As a recently graduated undergrad with no previous experience of this field you will be highly unlikely to be able to start doing your own research in the field at this stage. You'll have to work towards gaining an understanding of the theories and current knowledge in the field and then possibly move on to getting a research job or doing a PhD in the field.
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Probably Psychology. And you'll need a relevant Masters degree - which might be a challenge to someone with a background in History.

There is a course at Trinity College Dublin called MA in Consciousness and Embodiment, but that needs a background in Philosophy, Psychology, Cognitive Science, or Neuroscience.

You could try looking at some Philosophy Masters courses as this might be a more realistic move from History. One example

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