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Hate speech and offensive language are flawed concepts watch

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    My opinion that yes, it should be illegal to incite violence against a particular marginalised group.

    But this does not mean that certain words are inherently offensive or should be banned because they're considered hate speech. If one, for example were to use the n-word, no harm would befall a person of African descent. It would be their choice to be offended.

    It's so arbitrary and leads to people wondering whether x is "hate speech". That makes no sense to me. You should not have to wonder whether what you say is hate speech or offensive because it is your intent that matters.

    Those who disagree with me, why do you hold your particular view?

    Last time I said that I got called into a meeting with the vice principal of my uni... But I still agree with it.

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    'Hate speech' has always been a worrying concept to me. It's a term that's incredibly subjective and easily abused. Personally, aside from libel and making sincere threats of violence, I don't think it should be against the law to make somebody feel uncomfortable or offended by something that has been said. We are getting the law too involved with our day-to-day speech and activities at the expense of our freedoms and our own adulthood. It used to be, when somebody offended you, that you'd either ignore them or tell them to take a hike. Now people run to the authorities like little children, playing victim cards and identity politics to get their own way.
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