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Did okay at AS, failing at A2. Need to live up to my uni offers. What should I do? watch


    Ngl this is me all over except I spend my time drinking and partying like an idiot :facepalm:

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    (Original post by Pochoze)
    So I do Maths, Physics and Biology. I completely sympathize with you on Maths because it's a pain. AS was much better for me, although Mechanics was a C (that's why I had a B overall). C4 is pretty terrible with all the differentiation, but I missed a fundamental part of C3 differentiation and integration and it keeps coming back to haunt me. Whatever I do I must completely go over C3 to exterminate this knowledge gap.
    Yeah same with me for maths, although my mechanics grade was drastically worse (I got a U )but I still got a B overall, but was only 6 damn UMS off of an A overall at AS - so I'd resitting M1, which seems slightly easier now that we're doing M2 which is sheer hell

    (Original post by Pochoze)
    So I did very well in my GCSEs, was predicted
    It's been difficult keeping up because I have boring teachers, slipped behind on homework and slipped behind in class. I absorb nothing in my dull classes. I spend most free periods hanging out with friends and always leave sixth form early.
    Now do the opposite.

    Hi did you revise alot for AS. I;m failing as right now

    Your title rhymes!!! xx Don't give up, it'll all come together in the end. Good luck.

    (Original post by Pochoze)
    GCSEs: Maths, English Language, English Lit, Triple Science, Geography, History, French, Astronomy, Law. I got 8 As (at everything listed up to French), 2 Bs (French and Astronomy) and one C in Law which I sat externally in year 9.

    AS Level: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Got BBBD with the D in Chemistry.

    A2: Maths, Physics, Biology.

    Good luck with your GCSEs.
    Good luck with your A-Levels.You seem to be able since you got 3 B's in facilitating subjects.
    I wish you the very best.Always strive,and you shall prosper.
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    (Original post by MasterDebator)
    Hi did you revise alot for AS. I;m failing as right now
    Short answer: yes.

    Long answer: I started year 12 really keen and consolidated lessons every day. I stopped being keen after a while but still kept more or less on top of things. I remember I often went to maths study club with all the struggling students, even when I got 100% in a test and was moved up to top set, because I realized maths grades rely on pure practice. My good mock grades were because I did loads of past papers. I tried the same for the real exams but I didn't smash the As like I thought I would.

    Conclusion: work hard but work smart. The last thing you want is a nasty surprise on results day. Do past papers, learn the exam technique inside out and make sure you know what revision style suits each subject. Go to study sessions and harass teachers to reteach you topics if you didn't learn anything.

    (Original post by Pochoze)
    True, but let's it face it, doing well despite terrible teachers is easier said than done.
    It's very possible; I had some and was still able to achieve higher grades than expected It's all about putting in the effort and sticking to it - there's no easy way around it
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