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    Your every waking moment is spent yearning for a feeling of joy that you can not recollect. Over the past eight years, I have been well accustomed to feelings of self loathing. You achieve in an exam? It was a fluke. Because every piece of work you do, every word you write, isn't worth the paper it's written on.

    I have just received my mock results and I have to say, I'm feeling pretty disappointed in myself. 1 A, 1 Distinction, 1 B, 4, C's and 2 D's. Unsurprisingly, I messed it all up, classic me.

    As night descends, negative thoughts flood my head. I am left pondering whether one day I will ever surmount to anything of any value, or will I just be left in a desolate bedsit in Wakefield wondering where it all went wrong. The latter seems most likely of course. My inferiority complex is the driving force behind my mistakes, my mind is always preoccupied with the crushing realisation that if my suicidal feelings escalate further, which undoubtedly they will, there is nothing to prepare for in terms of achieving in school to secure a stable future.

    As my future seems bleak, I was wondering if anyone knew how to over come these feelings or if they had been through a similar experience and dealt with it effectively. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Recognise most of this unfortunately! Sorry you're having such a hard time of it. Have you seen your GP at all about how you're feeling? They'd be your best bet and can refer you for therapy, try medication etc if they think it's right for you. There's a fair bit of self help stuff online too such as mindfulness techniques and moodgym (online CBT) but you'd be better with your GP if you can.

    I wouldn't class those grades as messing up at all, that doesn't stop you feeling that way though I know. There's always more ways to do things than you think though and even if you don't end up getting the grades you want it's doesn't mean you'll never amount to anything at all. I hope things improve for you soon anyway.

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