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    Has anyone got any good ways to remember the colours of the flames?
    So far I have:
    - Na: BanaNA --> yellow
    - K: LilaC (sounds)
    - Ca: CArrots --> orange-red

    But I'm stuck for Cu (blue-green), has anyone got any ideas?

    The banana was good I never thought of that! For Cu I use the 'C' as reminding me of the sea, which is blue-green
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    C for coral xD
    and coral reef is blue green ish

    I don't have any good mnemonics but I do have this:

    Cu (2) (halogen compound) - blue/green
    Cu (2) (other) - green
    Cu (1) - blue/green
    K - lilac
    Na - orange
    Li - crimson
    Ca - brick red
    Ba - pale green
    B - green
    Al - white (light blue when really hot)
    As - blue
    Bi - azure
    Cd - brick red
    Ce - blue
    Cs - blue/purple
    Ge - pale blue
    Fe (2) - gold (electric blue when really hot)
    Fe (3) - orange
    Hg - red
    In - blue/purple
    Mn (2) - green/yellow (expected as Mn 2 oxidation state often produces this colour)
    Mo - green/yellow
    P - pale blue
    Rb - red/purple
    Sr - scarlet
    Tl - green
    Te - pale green
    Se - azure/blue

    There's more but I can't remember the rest

    For A level purposes you only really need groups 1, 2 and some of the lighter transition elements.

    If you ever get the chance check out titanium in a flame test under super high temperatures, it's so cool!

    Statue of Liberty. It's made of Copper, and it's green.
    Or copper piping that's starting to 'rust'. Or any building with a green roof.

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