A few questions if you have recently been to London Dungeons - dissertation help🤓

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Hey Hey to all of you lovely people! I am doing my research on London Dungeons and need some answers from you if you can spare just a little bit of time.

The questions are open-ended so that you can answer them as you feel (think of it as a free-flowing conversation).

Please please please, if you can answer them as fully as you can, justify why you feel that way and just as much detail as you can remember. I am forever grateful for this!

Question 1: Are you aware of the term ‘Dark Tourism’? Are you able to give me any examples of ‘Dark Tourism’ attractions you are aware of?

Question 2: What made you go to London Dungeons (What was your motivation for going)?

Question 3: Why the London Dungeons and why not another ‘Dark Tourism’ site?

Question 4: How ethical do you think it is to present death and suffering as a visitor attraction in general (not just London Dungeons) and why?

Question 5: What aspects do you think are acceptable and what aren’t (again not just London Dungeons)? Why?

Question 6: Can you give me specific examples from your visit?

Question 7: What are your views on the way in which other visitors around you behaved? Can you give me a particular example of certain behaviour which you either thought was annoying or inappropriate or alternatively the right type of behaviour? Please explain why?

I will also be more than happy to answer any of your research surveys/questions etc. Just post the link in the answers!

Thanks again!

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