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If a girl has a slight crush on you, would admitting your feelings push her away? watch

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    So I've known this girl for a few years through uni and we've become really good friends and she also has been one of my flatmates for 6 months now. We don't see each other every day but we do spend time together going out every now and then. It so happens that I started being attracted to her and really wish to find out whether it is reciprocated.

    However, we do have a certain type of friendship based on sarcasm, teasing, and 'friendly' insulting each other all the time. It can't really be helped it seems we cannot behave in other way around each other. She's been single for 2 years and is the long-term relationship type.

    I would know if she absolutely didn't have anything for me now but in that case I really cannot tell. I would say I get mixed signals with sometimes our talks being rather playful and flirty while other times just purely friendly exchanges. She certainly enjoys my company and likes hanging out with me but not sure if it's just both of us being afraid of coming out due to the other making fun and/or potentially ruining our friendship. Now when the two of us go out and have a drink we certainly loosen up a bit but we have never made out or anything to make me certain. The closest we've gotten is when we went out with another friend and she got a bit drunk and started putting her hand on my lap and sat in me. But again no making out and we've not really talked about it. When we were talking recently she also asked me if I think that friendship exists between men and women to which I said I guess it does but moved on to change the subject. This got me thinking she might dropping the subtlest hints occasionally or she might be into me to an extent but not as much as I am into her.

    From what I can tell she may have a slight crush on me but unless I play it right she may not be willing to consider me as more than a friend. Or she may just be missing company from a guy sometimes and be more flirtatious.

    So what I want to ask if anyone has similar situation or experience - assuming that she has even the slightest crush on me, would it push her away if I tell her straight away that I would like to be more than friends or should I rather wait for a better opportunity (if it even arises) for things to happen naturally (i.e. without me having to admit my feelings for her out of the blue)?

    Any advise would be much appreciated.
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    I think you should wait for a while, from what you've written it looks like you're quite close, so when you truly believe the time is right, I think you should tell her then. It's better when they know how you feel, and fingers crosses for you my friend, she likes you back!!!
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