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So since Christmas ive been wanting to drop out,
ive been attending still not much but still attending up until 2 weeks ago, I really hate uni, I just dont enjoy the course, haven't made many friends it gives me really bad anxiety/ social anxiety to even go into university. I want to take a year out and do a different course.
I get student loan and a grant but I am extremely worried about the grant, i'm waiting till the next term to drop out with is next week but will they demand the grant back for this term? even though I somewhat attended and participated even though I haven't attended for 2 weeks before the end of the term? id rather just not go in and fail the year if they are going to demand money back that ive already spent? I have no job so I will go on the dole when I drop out till I find a job will the demand for the grant back?
would appreciate replies as I have been worrying over it for 2 weeks now

(I am also a first year student)
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They won't demand the grant back for a completed term but they won't release the grant for next term to you if you drop out. Also they don't care about whether or not you have a job in terms of the grant.

As you're planning on leaving university, whether now or at the end of the year, you need to look into jobs now rather than just planning to go on the dole - that's a really irresponsible way of doing things.

If you're waiting until the end of the year look into part time jobs that have the potential to become full time jobs at the end of the academic year. If you're dropping out now then start looking for full time jobs. even if it's not a job you like, you can take it and keep looking so at least you're earning an income to support yourself rather than having benefits because you didn't plan things well.

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