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Does a university's rank matter? watch


    It does but not as much as people on here claim.

    You won't be condemned to the workhouse if you don't go to a top ten uni.

    I would say yes, only because somewhere like Oxbridge or UCL is obviously going to do you more favours than London Metropolitan, but of course choose a university where you feel comfortable.

    I would suggest to look at different groups of universities and rank them accordingly as opposed to ranking individual universities. For example: there is not much difference when comparing Imperial to LSE and UCL; same goes for average Russell Groups e.g. Manchester and Birmingham, where comparing them more closely will only lead to spurious precision. Obviously though, if it is a question of Leeds v Leeds Beckett etc., the difference is huge.

    (Original post by Death Grips)
    if you're not at a top ten uni, you may as well just lay down and rot. Always make me lol when plebs from non top 10 unis tell you where they studied and think they got a good education :lol:
    p.s top 10 unis would be oxbridge, imperial, lse, ucl, warw, durham, bris=bath (basically the same uni), St. A, Edin . if you didnt go to any of those unis, I got bad news for you bud
    Please provide evidence that studying outside top 10 universities is detrimental to your success.

    Assuming you're from a top 10 university, this should be easy for you. After all, you're so incredibly superior right?

    I so hope you got a first btw, because I did and that means I'm better than you

    To the OP; it is not the be all end all. University is more about the academics and the social and personal development. That being said, it's ultimately the individual effort you put into developing yourself and the position of the university in a made-up league table won't reflect on that. I got a First-class because I put in the effort, people with 2:1/2:2 didn't achieve the top grade might say it is because they went to a 'harder' university but the truth is, I found one that I could succeed in, they didn't.

    Find that university to which you can be successful, and that will mean looking beyond league tables and into more of who you are a person and what you're looking for in life.

    I guess it depends what you want to do. The career I want to go into is more focused on work experience, mental strength, personality etc so I don't think league tables are too important. If you're entering a competitive academic career then maybe.
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