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Sexism.... watch

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    (Original post by ChaoticButterfly;[url="tel:62994659")
    62994659[/url]]I dunno, it seemed relevant to me. When we are talking about punching and physicality I associate that with fighting. The notion that women can;t throw or some other variant when at the same time they can kill an Islamic fascist with an AK47 is funny to me. The spud below me is more of who I am throwing this at.

    You clearly don't have the slightest clue. Having back muscles doesn't make you a warrior :laugh: The Kurds are defending their home land *sigh*

    Well, they;re better than you with an AK47 and I can see why they are better academically :indiff:

    I'm also male.
    Bro, his point was valid....

    Give 1000 women and 1000 men a gun and tell them pull the trigger.
    Every person with a brain cell knows more men will pull the trigger....

    We are different, it's that simple.

    I must have been 'sexist' for helping open the door tonight for some women, tonight, should have just let them struggle.

    I'll just let my mum take ages to bring round the 20kg bags of dog food and horse food...

    It's my imagination that myself and my stepdad (sometimes me and my male neighbour) roll the rather large (two man job) haylage bales round the yard while my mum and my neighbour's wife watch and help right at the end to manoeuvre it. They simply could not shift it by themselves.

    We should be pushing for both sexes to retire at the same age.
    Screw 'women and children priority' then...
    Etc etc.

    There is a difference between introducing aspects of egalitarianism and the current feminist agenda.

    Men are naturally stronger than women, that's a fact. (What's the weight lifting record for men vs. women?)

    What feminism is and should be, is equal consideration under law and opportunity. Moving closer to a meritocracy than a patriarchy.
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Updated: February 25, 2016
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