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    I will be taking my Latin GCSE this year, with a prediction of an A*, which was my grade in the mock exams. I really enjoy learning the subject and so I will be taking Latin for A level next year. You may find it a bit hard at first as it is new to you, but if you have a good linguistic ability, or, you know that you will put in lots of hard work into it, then this shouldn't be a problem.

    The language section Includes A LOT of grammatical constructions and lots of vocabulary. You will do translations and a comprehensions of unseen stories where you will see these.

    The literature section, I would say is a little more challenging, but some may find this easier. You will study set texts (stories) in Latin, and you'll be tested to translate it, anwer questions regarding the story itself, and comment on literature techniques. It's quite similar to English GCSE, as there will also be poems to analyse. There is lots of new vocabulary that you wouldn't have seen in the language and there are lots of different stories to learn so that is why it's a little harder. The stories are quite interesting, though.

    Although it may be a 'dead language,' Latin will improve your English and comprehension skills. It is also the hardest GCSE as the grade boundaries are very high (90% for A*) therefore studying it for GCSE/a level will differenciate you from the rest if applying for university/job, as everyone knows it is a challenging subject. The vocabulary is also very similar to Modern languages which will bode well with Latin, as you will be able to make connections to learn the words.

    Hope this helps, and Good luck with your choices.

    I picked up Latin gcse in year 9. I was bored and needed a challenge so I got a tutor and did the GCSE last year in year 10. I got a high A* and I only had one hour of lessons a week. For me it was just a matter of learning all the vocabulary and grammar for the language papers. The literature papers are harder but passable if you are good at essay writing. I enjoyed it so much and would definitely recommend it. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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    I studied it many years ago now.

    Get the Cambridge course. If nothing else you will have the great advantage of being able to snicker over Caecilius references for the rest of your life.

    I have been studying it for two years since year 9. Honestly it is very boring to study, and learning to languages at once was the worst decision I made. There is so much vocab to learn that even sometimes I get confused with them. Got a C in my mocks last year .
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