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    I think it'll work better if you read it first and then read the explanation in the spoiler.

    A gust of wind born by the kinematics of the metallic bull ruffled the kitschy blue hair on his head. Animating his skull-themed paraphernalia – piercing and pendant – it travelled further, mischievously flipping the pages of the newspaper in her ringed hands and blowing the shawl over her face.
    “A bit windy, isn’t it?” she said through the fading growl of the bull, pulling back the shawl.
    “It is innit? And we’re not even outside,” he replied, whisking breadcrumbs away from his mouth. He wrapped his sandwich back into the aluminium foil on his laps and watched her retie her shawl neatly.
    “Where are you going, young man?”
    “Cockfosters innit, my college is there.”
    “Oh, and what do you study, may I ask?” She edged closer to him and turned her ear in anticipation of an answer.
    “Just finishing my Gap-levels: Gap studies, Gapology, Gapematics. I want to apply for Gap Engineering.”
    “How very mature! My son is doing his Gap-levels too, but he’s in his first year. He’s planning on taking a gap year. Oh, he wants to go to Gapan. I really don’t know if I should let him go with all the gaporism acts…” She folded her newspaper in two and hid it in her purse.
    “What with all them gapsis? I mean, I wouldn’t worry about it that much. Me and my mates travel all the time, and we’re fine. Besides, Gapan is a safe country innit. It’s like Gapanada: nothing ever happens there.”
    The yellow dots on the black display rearranged and were now showing ‘5 min.’
    “Oh, I hope so, I so really do. He keeps talking about all these places like Gapihabara and Gappongi, and I just don’t think they’re safe places for young people to visit.”
    “Yeah, but like, is it safe for him to stay here? I reckon Gaperon and Gaperesa Gapay are doing just as good a job as whoever they got over in Gapan to prevent gaporism.”
    ‘4 min.’
    “Perhaps you are right, but I still get heart gaps at the thought of letting my baby go…”
    A lonely mouse, jaded with the giants in the sky and on the ground, was languidly scouring for food – for breadcrumbs at his feet. The great limb elevated and plummeted down with a thump within inches of the mouse’s pink tail. Undisturbed, it pounced on breadcrumbs, deemed them unworthy, and scurried away into one of the cracks in the wall: there is always another day.
    She inhaled the air pumped in from a different place and exhaled it and wiped the growing morose expression off her face.
    “So why do you want to study Gap Engineering?” she said with a polite smile.
    “It’s all about them gaps innit.” He puckered his lips indulgently and laid back. “I’ve been tinkering with them in our garage since I was little.”
    ‘2 min.’
    “My dad bought me my first gap for Gapday when I was just ten.”
    “An early start then.”
    “Sure is. My dad is very supportive, so it’s all thanks to him. Apparently there’s a shortage of Gap engineers too, yeah, so there’s good money in it.”
    “You shouldn’t just choose it because of money. My husband, for example, decided to do a master’s in gap administration when he was young, but he found the job most unsatisfying in the end.”
    “No but like, I wouldn’t want to do anything else in life. And people need gaps innit? I reckon you need gaps just as much as the other person. I mean like, no disrespect.”
    “No disrespect taken. And you’re right, young man, everybody needs gaps these days – it’s the twenty-first century.”
    ‘1 min.’
    There were bees across the tracks, on the wall, buzzing to and from a bottle with a transparent liquid and making an ordered line towards the horizon. People, who didn’t seem to mind the bees, were installing a sign saying, “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey” in the foreground. Their colleague was adjusting the background with a dial on his portable control panel; he jerked the dial absentmindedly and everything on the horizon, from which bees emerged, turned a bright pink. Composing himself after a momentary shock, he calibrated the colour, and it was now black. Others were signalling to a truck with ice cubes.
    “Oh, dear me.” Her chin fell and left her mouth agape. “I need to be on the opposite side! I see your gap is approaching too. I hope that you get a place at the university of your choosing. It’s been a delightful conversation. Mind the gap!” she said and briskly disappeared in an opening of the finely-tiled wall.
    “Mind the gap, mam,” he replied. And then he watched the metallic bull drift to a stop.

    So... where do I start. This is supposed to be two things: an impressionist piece about being in the London tube and an experimental piece about the desensitisation of Londoners to the word "gap." You hear it so often that it starts sounding weird, and it loses its meaning. Try repeating a word of your choosing aloud a hundred times, and you'll see what I mean. In my personal opinion, it doesn't really come together well. It was rejected by a flash fiction magazine, so I thought I might as well share it here. Content-wise, it's vaguely relevant to the TSR demographic, I guess. Thanks for reading, anyhow!

    that filled a gap in my understanding :giggle:

    srsly it was an enjoyable read.
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    (Original post by the bear)
    that filled a gap in my understanding :giggle:

    srsly it was an enjoyable read.
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