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    Hey, I was wondering if i could have some real advice, student to student.

    I live in Wales, Canterbury is a hell of a far journey for me to study, i came for the open day and i didn't get "the vibe" everyone talks about when visiting unis.

    I think i may have had a negative approach on the location because the lecturer told me only 24 out of 500 places for Politics and IR year abroad in North America and now with increased grade boundaries. As this is the only uni offering such an amazing opportunity, i still applied, after months, they gave me the offer... YAY!

    However, im overwhelmed i have been selected for the course, but it is not yet my first choice, im afraid of making any mistakes especially when it comes down to location.

    Could I just have some advice please, on how you all ended up picking uni of kent, any regrets or things you wish you considered before applying? also uni accommodation worries me, Im a really outgoing girl, a wide friendship group but what i cant tolerate is drugs and i know lots of the youth do, especially where i live. When i went to the open day i didn't really see many people which were british, lived and born here (think it was due to the half term) im aware the uni is extremely international (a good thing!) but i didn't really get to ask many questions about the area as i was too focused on the amount of overseas students! So i would just like any insight into the people of Canterbury, the student life and accommodation. Why you picked kent / any regrets.
    Thanks, and sorry for being very long winded, im very inquisitive

    Well i'm a POLIR w/NA students, in terms of the US program a lot of people in my cohort dropped out of the year abroad closer to deadlines (some switched to Europe , some didn't get a 2.1 first year to qualify).

    The university is great if you are interested in IR which is where Kent's strengths lie. I'm confused about your british people comment, the make up of the POLIR course is interesting since the school shares a degree program with another politics school in France called SciencePO (they do their 1st and 4th year in France while the 2nd and 3rd is spend at Kent), so there is a lot of French students in POLIR maybe 30% (they speak english just fine if you are worried).

    In terms of the US year abroad the options are great (University of California (you need a 1st for this one); University of Maryland , Indiana, Long beach , etc....).

    In terms of the city canterbury is a fairly quiet city and safe area but there is enough nightlife to go around on campus and off campus; for the drugs that comes down to who you live with but you can always ask to move flats or halls if the particular people you live with don't fit you.

    Also total shameless plug here: Kent has one of the top Model United Nations clubs in the UK , which is a big plus if you want to make contacts/friends in politics or in international relations outside of your Uni (100% top 10 with the likes of LSE, Kings, Oxford, Edinburgh, UCL, Oxford ,Cambridge etc...)

    I did wish i considered more London unis before applying but i'm happy where i am (specially about doing the US year abroad).

    if you have any questions feel free to message me on here.
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Updated: March 6, 2016
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