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    I am most likely going to put York as my firm offer and so am looking at the colleges to apply for.
    Which would you say is "the best" or the most suitable etc.
    I'm doing Language and Linguistic Science and I am sociable, friendly, and love going out and doing things with others.
    I like the look of James because of the lake view in some of the accommodation, and Vanbrugh seems to have a lot going on. I also like Derwent because of its social "reputation". My choice will probably between these three.

    Which would you say I should look into more? Thanks!!

    Colleges are all roughly the same, so your best bet is to find the one with the accommodation you prefer. But if you want a quick summary of those three, this might help:

    Derwent- Hosts large drinking socials (such as Big D). Well known for their partying life style, contains two of the campus bars.
    James- Good sporting prowess. That's about it.
    Vanbrugh- A fairly musical college,with arguably the best and worst accommodation on Hes West.

    I don't really think it matters - they're all quite good. I don't know this for a fact but I'm looking into the same thing and it looks like they all do sports and all get involved. People that really want to get involved do and the other don't. Don't think the college matters although I think I'd choose Vanbrugh. You'll meet people on your course in different colleges and end up mingling with everybody.

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    It's impossible to choose, doing maths and computer science means I won't even be able to narrow down the college by Hes East or Hes West

    I'm picking James just because it's so close to the Maths department.

    Cut my commute from 90 minutes now to 5 minutes in October!

    Anyone know what goodricke is like?

    I like the party rep of derwent but the accomosation isnt great, is goodricke quite fun to be in?

    (Original post by LucyH123)
    Anyone know what goodricke is like?

    I like the party rep of derwent but the accomosation isnt great, is goodricke quite fun to be in?
    Here's a quick breakdown of all the pros/cons of each college that I've found
    Ultimately it depends what your course is. But wherever you live you're going to meet a huge mix of people, and you aren't confined to your house by any means! You'll make friends on your course and in any societies you join and these will likely be the bulk of your social life.

    Derwent and Vanbrugh:
    - Great central location on West Campus. Perfect for most courses, societies, the library and generally a bit more convenient
    - Excellent social aspect in terms of drinking and partying, houses the three best bars on campus
    - Both very good sporty colleges, despite Vanbrugh's reputation of the "artsy" college - simply a stereotype as Vanbrugh is located near the drama barn and the music department
    - Accommodation can be a bit crap, though Vanbrugh also has a very nice courtyard of accommodation blocks (the most expensive option! - main downside is that you have to move out for Easter)
    - Most accommodation is 40 weeks meaning you can stay there, or at least keep your stuff there, from when you move in in October until you leave in June/July.

    - Also well located on West Campus, right next to the gym if that's your thing
    - Also a good social aspect, with one bar nearby and a short walk to Vanbrugh's bar
    - Accommodation on the whole of a better quality that Vanbrugh and Derwent, after having being refurbished. Has more ensuite rooms I believe, if that's a factor!

    - Despite their reputation as the boring college I've known lots of crazy Alcuin students, don't let it put you off!
    - Has the least duck/goose/swan presence on campus. Believe me, that's a very good thing!! The geese are the spawn of Satan.
    - Fairly well located on West Campus, a bit further from the centre than Derwent, Vanbrugh and James.
    - Loads of great cafes and stuff, but not much in the way of drinking

    Langwith and Goodricke:
    - Definitely the best accommodation on campus, though located on East campus which is extremely windy for most of the year.
    - No shop over there yet, and have to get the bus to get to the library (about a 15-20 minute walk between campuses, the free bus is usually more convenient)
    - There IS a bar though, and a bloody good one. They host a club night every so often too if you don't fancy the trek to town
    - Speaking of which, East Campus is a very long way from town. Whereas if you're in Vanbrugh, James or Derwent (maybe Alcuin too) you have the option to walk home from town after a night out instead of forking out for a cab, as it's a 20-30 minute walk, East campus doesn't really have that luxury. This also means if you ever want to go into town you'll probably be using the bus a lot more, might be worth investing in a year-round bus pass

    - Great accommodation too, biggest college, about 1000 inhabitants
    - Really great social life, but can often run into the danger of only mingling with other Halifaxers as you're so far from the other colleges
    - Halifax is about as far from West Campus as East Campus is, though to the South instead.
    - Have own shop and cash machine, but no bar. However your accommodation is near the Fulford suburb, which has loads of great pubs. Also not too far from town, and there's a bus route to town.
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