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    So below is my letter for my interest in a prefect role at school, can anyone help me out with any grammar issues or more exiting words/concepts lol? I would hugely appreciate anything!!!! Also im unsure how to end the letter
    Dear M------s,
    I am writing in interest of applying for a role in the Senior Leadership Team, positions I respect and admire highly. I believe, as ambassadors to the school, the Senior Leadership Team are dedicated and inspired pupils with a strong appreciation for their time at QEGS. As I have matured through my time at school, my appreciation for the core values of the school has grown. Mutual respect is a value I ensure I hold with me each day, in particularly at school, respecting my teachers for their dedication of time, rules for providing a controlled, pleasant working environment and each individual pupil in the community. I feel a role in a leadership position will help me to develop attributes that I can use myself to be respected in the future and inspire others to hold the value in such high regards.

    During my time at school I have been determined to participate in events whenever it has been possible for me to do so. Events include, numerous open evenings offering tours and working in specific departments, offering to do refreshments for parent’s evenings and attending every fete I could make in order to give help run our form or the young enterprise stalls. I have participated in house events over the past 5 years, ranging from netball to sports days to house cooking, and each event has helped me become more confident and develop my leadership skills by contributing to organisation as a team. Each year I have made an input or played a key role in the creation of our fete stalls, this may be designing and creating the stall alongside my peers or obtain the materials needed.

    I believe in a leadership role it is important to get people involved and help others have new experiences and opportunities to become inspired and develop new interests. I feel my role in the young enterprise group has helped to do this. When considering Young Enterprise I was keen to hear other people’s ideas for a stall and was surprised yet uplifted my idea of developing a clothing brand was chosen. As a key part of the group I developed a strong leadership role and work closely with team, trying help everyone develops and understanding of the manufacturing and design process, hopefully helping them develop an interest in the area as well. If I were to have a role in the senior leadership team, I would like to keep this same outlook and use my position to get others interested or even fascinated in the nature of my role.

    Although not taking the three core science subjects at a-level, I have a great interest in STEM and plan on studying mathematics at university with aspirations of applying mathematics to a career in further STEM areas such as computer science, artificial intelligence or mathematical research. I believe it is important to get people interested in STEM subjects and motivate pupils to believe they are capable of doing them when lacking in confidence. I found during my studies for GCSE’s I lacked this confidence and it wasn’t until I saw how passionate a former student was about STEM that I developed the drive needed to achieve highly in STEM subjects. With this confidence I developed self-belief and helped others with their studies, motivating myself to beat my targets at GCSE to continue my STEM studies in Maths, Further Maths, ICT and EPQ. I think self-belief and motivation is needed in a leadership role, particularly in a subject area that I frequently hear being associated with the words “I can’t”. In the near future I hope to help others again and do what I can to inspire people with mathematics and help people develop as much as a fascination as in STEM as I do. The STEM captain role in the Senior Leadership team could allow me to also promote non-profit organisations I have alot of respect for and aspire to be involved in such as ‘Women who code’, ‘STEM Women’ and ‘The further maths support programme’ (of which I am benefiting from already with their resources and STEP guidance). I believe I could bring a twist to the new role as STEM captain and form a community where knowledge can be shared to run exciting projects in a STEM club where everyone can learn new things, including myself, and baffle each other with inspiring concepts.
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    Sorry you've not had any responses about this.

    Why not try posting in a specific subject forum- you might have more luck there.

    Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses.

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