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Reaction to false accusations of rape. watch


    (Original post by joecphillips)
    3 counts of 2nd degree rape (over 18 sleeping with someone under 16)
    And incest
    Ah see I didn't count those as it would be a crime (18 year old sleeping with a 14 year old with consent) because it most US states it wouldn't be. [not unlike the UK - a 16 year old would never get prosecuted for sleeping with a 14 year old here for instance]
    Obviously this particular US state is different.

    That said, given the boys in question recorded their own '2nd degree raping' and distrubted it amongst their friends, by US law that actually amounts to distribution of child pornography. [not unlike how some teens there have been prosecuted to sharing nudies of themselves]. the boys should be prosecuted for that surely?
    And then the alcohol question. Was she sober enough to consent to intercourse..?

    Eventually surely it reaches a point where you have to ask - what is justice? Trying to prosecute everyone, or seeing that prosectuon and protracted court cases are in no parties best interest.

    The one issue here - anonymity for the rape 'victim' but never for the accused.

    Thank goodness for the 'right to be forgotten' rules.

    (Original post by scrotgrot)
    Right, so, a priori, the woman does it because an evil man has taught her to be that way. But when it comes to the father you do not consider so automatically the possibility that he was also once sexually abused.
    Oh come off it with the woman bashing.

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    (Original post by Bornblue)
    Oh come off it with the woman bashing.

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    How is holding women up to the same standards in law woman bashing?
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