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I am currently studying for a BTEC in IT. I was wondering if after graduating, I could study part time for a History A-Level. I would use the History A-Level as a backup in case I somehow don't enjoy working in IT.

My question is: will a university allow me to study History with a History A-Level alongside a BTEC in IT?

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1. Most likely yes you can do a BA in History with just History A level and the BTEC, because History is usually the only required subject for the degree

2. Do you understand that you only get a maximum of 4 years of Student Finance? so if you spent 3 years doing a degree in IT/Computing/CS or similar and then decided that you wanted to do a full degree in History then you would have to find £18,000 to pay for the extra 2 years tuition, also living costs on top of that, on average around £7,000 per year (inc Accomodation)

3. Why History? if you are going to do a degree to change careers does it not make sense to do something that would lead t a vocation? I understand that a lot of graduate jobs do not require any specific degree, but there wont be a lot of jobs that wouldnt accept a Computing degree over a History degree, I dont actually think there are any jobs (besides a history teacher) that actually require a History degree

4. Extension to point 3, if you are going to use the History degree to get a generic graduate job, then its not worth wasting all that extra money on, as the 40% of graduate jobs that dont require any specific degree, and your original degree would meet that requirement

5. unless its purely for enjoyment (which still if you already have spent 3 years doing a degree i think doning another degree would be a waste of time) then you could consider it but you would have to be prepared to pay a lot of money out for that privilege, and finally, if you want to be a history teacher (which is one of the only specific vocations I can think of for a History grad) then somewhere, I'm sure, with an A level in Histoy and a degree (albeit unrelated) would allow you to do PG teacher training and have your focus as History

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