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Westminster University or Brunel

Hi guys
Just a bit stuck on which university to pick. I accept that academically and jobs prospects wise, Brunel is the better uni. However after going to open days I actually prefer Westminster...
Another thing (not so major) is that Westminster is in the heart of London which is also ideal for me.
How is it really at both universities for business management?
What do employers think of Westminster?
Is it a respectable uni?
I don't think Brunel is academically better, not sure about job prospects... but I doubt it. Look at the modules available for each degree, courses can be quite different even if the degree name is the same. It would also be a good idea to check out unistats and do some LinkedIn stalking to see where recent Brunel/Westminster grads end up working.
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Nobody gives you a job because you went to University X or Y. It is all about ability and your ability is obvious from the interviews you sit. In many instances employers ask for your papers after the interview when you have already got the job!
Hii I also have got the offer from both the unis for the course international journalism tho I am inclined towards Brunel but still confused which one to go with! Can you help me out here how to narrow down the pointers while choosing…

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