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Why would someone I don't talk to anymore, screenshot my Snapchat story? Creeped out! watch

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    Hii so I have this guy on snapchat who I used to talk to but haven't in about a year. Yesterday me and my friend posted a video on my Snapchat of us messing around with the filters. I found out later that he screenshot a part of the video. Erm creepy... I snapped him to ask why, he then said because it was funny which I don't think is a good excuse because neither of us really know him anymore. Then I asked which one out of me and my friend did he screenshot, he avoided this question weirdly and instead just said which part of my story he screenshot. Hmmm strange... Then I replied and told him it was a strange thing to do, then he just repeated the it was funny thing again. I think this is super creepy, I get that maybe it was funny but why would you go as far as screen shotting, especially two people you don't speak to anymore. So who knows who he screenshot, why he did, and what he's even going to do with it.
    What does everyone think of this? Do you think its as innocent as he tries to make it sound? Or creeepyyyy?

    Just delete him and move on. Not worth getting that worried about really.

    I don't think its necessarily for creepy reasons, if it actually was funny he might want to show someone else later.

    It might be strange and if it really bothers you just block him, but I'm assuming this is the first time he's snapshotted you so I don't see how you've arrived at this creepy stalker type conclusion.
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