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    I've tried to wade through the entry thread, but there's mostly stuff about applicants and not a lot of info on the medical school. Unfortunately I can't attend the open days this summer so wanted to get a feel of what the school is like from other students or people who have been there. I really like the curriculum and the area seems a lot cheaper than other med schools in London. I live less than 2 hours away from London but in a very affordable town, I don't want to have to move for uni (if I get in) only to live on the breadline.

    Can some TSR people tell me what the lecturers and hospital is like? What do you like about SGUL and what do you dislike about it.

    Thanks xx

    Tooting is definitely very affordable in comparison to other places, although it's probably similar to Whitechapel (for Bart's). It's however getting very up-and-coming, from when I first started in 2012 to now it's very different. Rent is still pretty expensive as it's London but you can find some very nice places to live for roughly £500/month. I would say its worth it though, especially for when you're on placement (surgery ward rounds start at 8am, if you have a 2 hour commute then it would be a nightmare!) And all your placements will be within commutable distance from George's so I would highly advise you to move out instead of commuting.

    In terms of the actual uni, I love it.

    It's tiny, so you end up getting to know most people even if it's just by sight. We aren't kidding when we say it's like a family here (I genuinely am closer to my friends here than I am to my own family members lol). You spend a lot of time together, whether it be in lectures, on placement or in the library during revision, so you get very close to your coursemates. Lots of social groups to join, lots of societies and shows to join and take part in - I've been in Diwali Show for 3 years and I've made a lot of close friends as a result.

    The course is good, there's not too much pressure on you in your first semester so you can get used to university life. Lecturers provide all the information that you need for your exams, so you don't really need books until your clinical years in all honesty. SGUL has a huge emphasis on clinical and communication skills (EMPATHY!!) more so than other medical schools, and a lot of doctors regard George's as a very good institution for that reason. We come out as very good and empathetic clinicians

    Lectures are boring though, but you gotta sit through them for two years then you don't really need to worry about them that much after lol. Placements are really down to personal preference, and they are often highly dependent on the hospital you're at. If you're placed at SGH then often you will find that the firm you're on are very busy and don't have much time to teach, whereas if you're at some place like St Helier's then you will find them friendlier and more willing to teach etc. It's just something that varies a lot between hospitals really. You don't really need to worry about clinical placements until third year so I wouldn't really put that down as a deciding factor in which medical school you go to.

    CBL/PBL is ok, again kinda down to personal preference. Generally no one really gives much of a **** about it but I personally thought it was a decent way to learn medicine early on. Now I cba because I've had three years of it but I'm always in it for the free snacks (PBL only)
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