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Should I repeat a year of high school? watch

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    I'm sorry in advance that this post will be quite long and rambly.. (also not sure which category this should be posted in)..

    I live in Scotland. I'm currently 16 and am in 5th year (my second last year). At the end of May I will be in my final year. Due to a severe anxiety disorder, since the beginning of high school my attendance hasn't been great. (It wouldn't have been great in primary school either had my Mum not physically dragged me in). Since 4th year however, it has dramatically gotten worse until I'm at the stage I am at now, only going in twice a week for one of my classes.
    So, whilst the majority of my peers will be achieving 5 highers this year and either relaxing enjoying their final year or gathering even more qualifications, I'm stuck with just achieving one national 5 in geography.

    To go from my teachers thinking so highly of me and that I'd achieve more than the standard qualifications to just this.. it's embarrassing and quite upsetting and frustrating for me.

    So anyways. Last year I had asked if I could repeat the year. I was allowed to but decided against it in the end. Now I'm regretting that I didn't.

    If I were to repeat 5th year I would be able to take my national 5 geography into higher geography, as well as sitting national 5 maths, English, crash higher human biology and one other subject. Then in sixth year I could turn that into higher maths, higher English, higher the other subject then crash higher two more. Therefore if all goes well I would leave school with 7 qualifications.
    If I didn't repeat, I would be crash highering maths, English, biology, probably chemistry and continuing my nat 5 geography into higher. This would be very stressful and a lot of hard work. I feel this would heighten my anxiety, whereas if I repeated a year I can spread that work load across two years and if I fail a subject, well I have an extra year to catch up.

    There is the option of college, but there are a few reasons I'd rather repeat a year than to go there;

    - The colleges in my area tend to have mostly the 'trouble maker' kids. (I say kids, they're teens though). I have a few friends in college and they absolutely hate it saying they're so immature.

    - Despite the previous point, there are adults there too. Having people a lot older than me there would make me feel a bit uncomfortable as I feel they'd judge me more.. like they'd view me as immature due to my age.. I prefer my own age group.

    - I have ADHD. I feel I still need the structure of high school and the teacher support you receive there. In college you're expected to be more independent which I just don't feel I'm ready for.

    I feel an extra year of high school would allow me the chance to gain the qualifications I've been missing out on due to my mental health as well as allowing me to develop skills in other areas. (Such as raising my confidence back up in a familiar environment, strengthening my time management skills, allowing me time to make new friends around my age, etc). After that, I can then go off to university. A place I want to be. With that extra year I feel I'd be in a better place emotionally.

    There are a few downfalls though.. My birthday is in August so instead of leaving school age 17 (and 10 months) I'd be leaving school at 18 (and 10 months). In the grand scheme of things this shouldn't really matter. I mean it's one extra year out of my life, but I'd be repeating a year with people one year younger than me. Again, one year isn't really a big deal but in high school I feel it is so I'm afraid I'd feel a little out of place with that..
    Also, all of my friends and current classmates will be progressing on with their lives whilst I'm stuck in high school for an extra year. I feel I've missed out on high school with just all the experiences I've missed so it wouldn't really feel like I'd be repeating for me but seeing everybody move on would be a bit upsetting.. After high school I get people lose touch. In 10, even 5 or 2 years time I'll have nothing to do with them but at this current stage in my life it still doesn't stop it being hard.

    I was thinking perhaps after repeating 5th year I could move school so I wouldn't have to be in the same environment missing my friends. It would still be a high school environment that I'd move to, being more comfortable than college, but I wouldn't be hit by reminders of my friends and what I've missed out on.
    Would another high school accept a repeater moving in their last year?
    I'm sorry I've done so much rambling and this is more like an essay :")
    Please tell me any thoughts you have, any personal experiences, what you'd do in my situation, pros, cons, etc. Anything.

    One year out of your whole life is really very little in order to achieve the grades you're capable of. 17 or 18? Well if you start university at 17 then you it's harder to go out and therefore make friends. If you're just looking to start working, you'll be working until you're 70 odd so one year won't matter! If your school is supporting you well and offering you good provisions for your anxiety I would stick with the same place.
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