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Moving from Northern Ireland to England Graduate Job watch

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    I'm studying Software Engineering at QUB-Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am expected to graduate next summer (2017) and while the University are quite good at helping people find jobs in local companies, they aren't so great at outsourcing employment over the water.

    I have no intentions to stay in Belfast for a graduate job and would want to do this in England instead - i.e. Manchester/London.

    My only concern is, how would I actually go about doing this?
    When it comes to interviews, would I be expected to fly over or would a call suffice?
    When it comes to moving, how would I afford this when I'm on a tight student loan and require costs for (Renting a place that's much more expenive than I'm used to because it wont be a student house), Costs of travel and transferring my belongings)
    Would a bank loan be safe and viable option?

    I'm just completely unaware of how to actually achieve this move on a tight student loan, added to the impracticality of meeting employers for interviews.

    Any help appreciated!

    Hi: My view is a bit wider spread. I'm in the suburban D.C. area, and am a RF engineer. I do satellite earth terminal design, altho i've written quite a bit of Fortran, APL, Basic, and am starting on Assembly. Based on my experience, at least on this side of the pond, no employer is going to expect a candidate to pay their own way for a job interview - particularly a fresh graduate. I have interviewed companies that wanted to recruit me from out of town, and all of them either had a recruiter local to me, or offered to fly myself and my GF to them for an interview. Usually they'll do a "phone screen" first - to determine that there is an appropriate match, then offer the plane tickets. Bear in mind that the entire Uk (land area) is about 10% smaller than Nevada, so flying me [in D.C.] to the west coast is about 3600 miles one way - a bit more expensive than your travel. I would recommend considering overseas employment too. When you are young and unanchored is the time to do this. I spent 3 years in the near east [most of the places you see in the news], and loved it. It was a real "Arabian Nights" experience. Of course then, i didn't have any wife or dependents - so i could live out of a suitcase easily. Make sure who is covering your medical care and evacuation, should a local revolution break out, before you sign. After my 3 year tour, i came back and bought a house with some of the proceeds - so it can be lucrative. Right now, if i were starting over, i think i'd consider software - as the market for software engineers right now is better than for RF engineers (designing RF hardware and systems). Cheers.
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