Foundation Diploma Art and Design?

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Hi all.I'm halfway to have completed my foundation year in art and design and wanted to ask if anyone one else is in the same type of course and compare with what they're doing at the moment.After the first weeks focused on still life drawing and use of different media to create artworks (modelling wire, hot wax, cardboard, clothes,lino printing, screen printing and different types of colours). After a few weeks of dividing our work into 4 subjects (Textiles, Print making, Graphics and Fine art) where graphic involved making collages related to a historic art movement, now we've got rid of textiles and print making to focus on fine art and power point presentations for Graphics.My point is, since there are loads of more stuff that I want to learn such as using photoshop, fabrics, photography and is there any of you that is doing the same in their foundation year or are your studies different in your college?Thanks,edd.

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