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    Contouring. Bronzering. Strobing. Paint-rolling on foundation. Extreme lip liner...(Blame Kylie Jenner).

    The list goes on.

    As I flick through Instagram and Facebook's incessant stream of 'relationship goals', that mainly consist of horny pre-teens asking for lots of food and booty calls, and cats jumping in surprise because of cucumbers, I find a particular category of posts that stirs up a mix of emotions inside of me: it is the "Instagram Make Up".

    You've all seen it. Heavily made-up males and females with contour structures so sharp it could kill a man. I somehow love and despise this look at the same time.

    Why I love it: "it looks so FUN! How did that girl make her eyebrows so thick? Who would have known that 'burnt orange' blended into someones eye crease could look so appealing? I love that glitter girl, I want to look like a disney princess/pantomime wannabe too. Who said stone coloured lips were just for the poorly circulated?"

    Why I hate it: "damn, removing this make up is difficult. I think the majority of these girls are starting to look like the same person - it's like they're barbie doll robots or something. What I would do to see a natural, classic beauty. Do some men actually find this stuff pleasing, or do they also think it need toning down a bit?"

    Am I alone in this? Are there others out there who are wishing they had a make up wipe one minute but then Youtubing a make up tutorial in the next?

    I don't understand half of it. Like whats wrong with only a little bit of makeup. I would love to learn how to do the makeup but id be sick and tired of smudging it everywhere even if it has been smudge proofed XD

    Most of them look like they've had their faces coloured in with crayons. Some can be really good, but the contouring is a bit OTT most of the time

    All I see are Kardashian wannabes :puke:

    And I get called 'plain' for wearing nothing but mascara and lipstick lmao

    Then the whole contouring thing gets the reply of girls tricking guys?
    Its acceptable as long as there isnt too much makeup (Kardashians)

    I actually love it. Granted, what you see on Instagram isn't suitable makeup for wearing outside - and the people who are posting pictures most probably don't wear that much makeup everyday.
    However - I love my contour, my lipliner, false eyelashes. There are days when I go to Uni barefaced and days when I go out with a full face on feeling like I could illuminate the world with my highlight. I don't really care what people think, I wear makeup for myself - I enjoy the process of putting it on, the art of shading and blending, and the extra bit of confidence I get from it.

    Having witnessed a woman plummeting from 8/10 smoking-hot to 5/10 chain-smoker via unchecked perspiration, I prefer those who use cosmetics to 'normalise' their appearance over those who source their make-up tutorials from Industrial Light & Magic.
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