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    With allocations coming out next Thursday I've been struggling to know what to do. Basically my Dad is likely to pass away during the next year. I would need time off to spend at home when he becomes near the end of life and for the funeral etc. I have no idea how this would work as a fulltime fy1.

    How much leave would I be likely to get? Am I going to be letting my team down? Should I try for LTFT training and if so am I still able to rank jobs to my preference or will I be at the liberty of the foundation school? Is it possible to quit during fy1 for a year and return at the same point the following year?

    Lots of questions because although I can find various things online I dont know how things work in reality. Is it a good idea to speak to my allocated foundation school before I rank jobs etc and see what they advise or will this somehow be detrimental.


    You can speak to the Deanery support and development service confidentially and they can advise you on your options including how long you could expect for carer /compassionate leave. They might suggest involving someone from the foundation school to improve the support they can provide but if you want to keep it private they are separate divisions within the deanery (or PGME as HEE prefer them to be called).

    Sorry to hear about your dad. I don't think there is a clear-cut answer for what you should do, as nobody can predict exactly when or for how long he'll be in the "end of life" phase, and how much time you'll need off afterwards. In general, you can only take 2 weeks out of any training year (not including annual leave) before they consider it to be impacting on your training and you may have to repeat the year - but if that's what you end up having to do, it's not the end of the world. You get 27 days annual leave as an F1, but you usually can't take them all at once - they have to be split evenly between your different rotations and usually applied for 4-6 weeks in advance, so this might help you but wouldn't be a complete solution.

    You could ask your FS about LTFT training, which may be a useful option, but I'm afraid I don't know how that works with regards to ranking jobs etc. They would also be able to tell you more about taking time out from the programme and rejoining the following year - I would advise against "quitting" without extensive discussions with the FS as there are no guarantees they would let you back into the same job. There is no harm in talking to the FS officials as soon as you are allocated, it can't have any detrimental effect on your ranking. Good luck!
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    I would continue down the normal path for now because as has been pointed out there is still a lot of uncertainty as to what's going to happen. Just try to commence dialogue early and find out your options.

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