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Hello everyone,
I am working on the controlled assessment which is about spoken language. As part of the work, I need to make a survey which includes:
1. How often do you notice regional accent and does it affect your judgement about the speaker and what you have to say? (trustworthy, authoritative, intelligent)
2. Which accent do you like and why?
3. Give an example of idiolect common to your social group or upbringing (socialect)
4. Do you believe accent and dialect is important? What does it say about individuals?
5. What impact fo they think accent and dialect is having on English Language?
For me, I don't usually notice different accent and when I do so, it doesn't give me an indication of how intelligent they are or whatever. It gives me an idea about their educational background and the only importance for it is whether it is understandable or not.
Help me with this, please. I appreciate every single opinion. Different opinions are highly welcomed.

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