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    I'm a 26 year old female and recently, I've been feeling envious, jealous almost, when I've seen people I know post photo's of their babies/children on Facebook. Do any of you, male or female, of any age, ever feel like this too?

    I feel pretty silly but I almost feel annoyed seeing these photo's although I'm happy for the people posting them. Maybe it's jealousy creeping through and deep down, I want a baby (not specifically only an actual baby, but a partner/husband/family of my own etc) I think it annoys me when people who haven't intended on having children and have unexpectedly become a parent and come across as they have a perfect life with a baby they didn't plan on having and seem to focus on the cute baby bit where they're tiny and cute but they don't see beyond that, when there are lots of people who would love a child/family of their own.

    I think a lot it is the fact that I'm trying to get some sort of career sorted at the moment and the people I come across as I've stated don't seem bothered about that sort of thing, which is fine and I don't have a problem with this, but in my culture (I'm Indian), a career would have to come first in other people's eyes, then Marriage BEFORE moving in with a partner and starting a family. Sorry if this sounds ridiculous!

    Thoughts/opinions welcome. Please state your age and gender when posting if you wish, just out if interest x
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    TSR Support Team
    I'm only 20 but I do a lot of the time. There are loads of girls I went to school with who have babies now and whenever I see their pictures on Facebook it really makes me want one but the circumstances aren't right at the moment so I'll have to stick to admiring the cute babies I see :lol:

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    PS Reviewer
    Only when I hold them. When I hold them I resolve to impregnate as many people as possible over the following week but when the baby has gone I remember that I'm useless and it wouldn't be fair for a child to have me as a father right now. :lol:
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