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    hey u guys- i got two questions:
    1)does the synoptic paper giev u a choice of two essay questions, one of which is specific to human biology-5H and one specific to biology-unit 5B, or is the content of the synoptic the material that is common to Unit 5B and 5H and 2B and 2H.
    2) does anyone ahev any past synoptic papers for bio , if u do, it would be much appreciated if u cud post them. thank u.
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    u guys i need to no the sturucture of the paper. and whether i need to study the regions of the syllabus that are uncommon between human bio and normal. someone plz shed sum light, i am truly stressed out! :eek:

    yes the synoptic gives you a choice on whether you want to take the core biology essay question or the human option
    its up to you

    synoptic consists of 3 questions at which 2 are normal questions you see and 1 is an optional essay

    and yeah i have about 3 synoptic papers but i dont have a scanner
    sorry :P

    The essay question is worth alot of marks I have some examples of past essay questions if you want them.

    (Original post by randdom)
    The essay question is worth alot of marks I have some examples of past essay questions if you want them.

    If you could send me past questions it would be much appreciated! :confused:

    Ok well here are all the past essay titles that we were given

    Jan 96- The role of water in the lives or living organisms
    Genetic variation and speciation

    June 96- The effects of light on flowering plants
    Support and movement in animals

    Jan 97- Applications and implications of gene technology
    Roles of pigments in living organisms

    June 97- Control of implications of gene technology
    Atmospheric pollution

    Jan 98- The roles of enymes in the control of metabolic pathways
    Gas exchange in animals and flowering plants

    June 98- Lipids in living organisms
    Chemical co-ordination in plants and animals

    Jan 99- The movement of molecules and ions through membranes
    The chemical and biological control of insect pests

    June 99- Water pollution
    Transport systems in mamals and flowering plants

    Jan 00- ATP and its role in living organisms
    Production and elimination of metabolic waste products in plants and animals

    June 00- The role of water in the lives of living organisms
    The factors effecting the growth and size of populations

    Jan 01- The functions of proteins in plants and animals
    Natural selection and the effects of environmental change

    June 01- Hetereotrophic nutrition
    Nevous co-ordination in Mammals

    Specimin paper- The role of water in the lives of organisms
    The roles of pigments in living organisms

    June 02- The structure of DNA and effects of point mutations
    Chemical co-ordination in animals and plants

    Jan 03 - Applications of gene technology
    The role of pigments is living organisms

    June 03- The structure of enzymes and their uses in commercial processes
    The structure and functions of chloroplasts and mitochondria

    Key tips.

    You get a mark out of 15
    Scientific content /13
    Balance / 2
    Coherence /2

    30-35 mins should be spent on the essay

    The essay is a piece of scientific writing don't use phrases like "I am going to tell you about"

    The essay must be a continuous prose don't use bullet points or notes

    Avoid abbreviations like PS for photosynthesis, ATP and DNA are ok

    Try and take a balace of AS and A2 units draw from atleast one AS and one A2

    If the question can be applied to plants and animals try and do and even split of these points too.

    Well that is all I have. If you have any more questions just ask.

    We don't need to know the option section of the course for this exam do we. I did microbiology do I need to know this for the exam tommorrow. I don't think I do but I should probably check

    no they cant ask you about options topics...thank god! or id be doing an awful lot of food science now!
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