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How did you celebrate with friends/family after your graduation ceremony? watch

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    On the day of your graduation, did you celebrate with friends and family after the graduation ceremony? If you did, how did you celebrate it?
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    I worked very, very hard for 4 very long years of my life to get my degree. Not only did I get dressed up in the whole 'gown and hat' thing, have all the fancy photos and act like the most important person ever for the day, I did it with a smile and took part wholeheartedly in all the ponce and ceremony that comes with it.

    As for the evening, I celebrated it like every other student-hermit who'd spent the last 2 years in the library - with pizza and a movie box set :teeth:

    (I have to add that all my family got up very early and travelled a very long way to see me, so they 'celebrated' with me during the day)
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    I didn't want to go to my graduation. But my parents kept making this face at me: :puppyeyes: so I had to go in the end. :lol:
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    Hell yeah. I milked my undergrad and fake MA graduations for all they were worth. I may not have remembered what I was graduating from but given how I almost died trying to get my degree (literally), I was determined to celebrate in style and make the most of the poncey Latin ceremony (which I really enjoyed in the end, even though no one had a clue what was going on :lol: ).

    Those graduations I celebrated with the friends who got me through it :love: My REAL MA graduation, I spent with family, saying hello to one or two course friends but otherwise just stick with family and taking lots of photos and enjoying the epic canapes :ahee: My mum, sisters and I went for afternoon tea at my favourite tea room place opposite Kew Gardens afterwards

    If I ever get my PhD, I will ****ing OWN that graduation stage :yep:


    No, because I'm a black sheep who never gets gifts or celebrations for anything I achieve.

    Have had two graduations so far which neither me nor my family went to. Might have another one coming up this year which I will try to make it to.

    I didn't go to mine; neither my mother and I cared so I didn't bother. I went for a meal with my boyfriend the weekend after I got my results to celebrate instead.

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