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May have just busted my dad cheating on my mom. watch

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    I'm feeling super conflicted right now. It's a long story, so hold your buttocks.

    I and my boyfriend were meant to be staying at my parent's place to pet-sit and be company for my alcoholic dad whilst my mum goes to Scotland visiting my sister and her family.
    I was unable to go myself due to suddenly being needed at work, so my partner went without me, and until today has been house-sitting without incident.

    Tonight however, was different. He contacted me to inform me of strange, awkwardly sexual noises of fumbling and groans and moans coming from the room below him (my parent's room). He told me when my dad came home, he was drunk as usual, but this time he wasn't alone.

    He has a female accomplice, and my boyfriend heard them come in, go downstairs briefly, then hurry heavy-footed up the stairs and into the bedroom, where noises of a suggestive went on for about 10 minutes, followed by my dad going downstairs and then his female friend going into the bathroom.
    Shortly after, she departed with kisses and 'love you!'s. Her name was revealed to be Rachel. My dad goes to bed after she exits.

    My boyfriend goes downstairs and the place stinks of cigarettes, which is also odd because my dad gave up smoking 6 weeks ago and hasn't smoked at all as the doctors have warned he has early signs of water in his lungs. There was also an empty champagne bottle in the bin.

    We talked and agreed that it was just speculation, but I called mum to ask if when she spoke to dad today he mentioned who he was with, (she said no) or did he have any friends called Rachel (she said no again). I explained to her my boyfriend was feeling conflicted about the incident and wasn't sure if he should've said anything to her, and she was disappointed but didn't react strongly.

    She has said she she will speak to him about this once she is home on Monday, but in the meantime, did we do the right thing? Should we have kept our mouths shut? What would you have done? I feel so conflicted I don't want to be a ****-stirrer, but I didn't want to be a party to deception either...
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    My dad's been taking £800 a week out at a cash machine nowhere near his office, or the route home from the office. Whenever mum quizzes him about it, he dodges the question or comes up with some excuse about "he claims it back off expenses". My guess is he might be being blackmailed by someone he's had an affair with. I might follow him one day, see what he's up to.

    Sounds like your dad might be up to something too. If I were you, I might stay out of it if your mum knows. Just let things play out, there's probably very little you can do about it anyway if he's drunk half the time.
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