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Am I completely losing my mind? watch

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    I don't know how to describe how I feel, I don't understand, I'm really confused and that scares me as I don't feel in control. I feel worried, scared, upset, like I could cry, sad, even if nothing particularly bad has happened. I feel like I'm dreading some horrible event buy can't put my finger on what exactly.

    It comes over me like a wave and I need to distract myself to help it go away. I can't sleep, my body feels so tense and my mind races. I feel like things are going wrong and I'm losing it.

    In public I get distracted and may appear happy on the outside, sometimes I even have fun whilst hanging out with friends, but on the inside I'm screaming at myself about something or other, my mind wanders, I'm not mentally there. I'm just so tired of it all, I like my bed, my bed is safe.

    I used to be so dedicated to my school work, I'm holding offers from amazing universities including the one I have fantasised about for years, but I have phases where I do not care about education. I 'go to the toilet' for 20 mins in lessons because I can't stand being in the classroom anymore and just want to get away from people and the obligation to do work. Then I get angry at myself for missing important aspects of topics as I don't understand the content that was covered when I was out of the classroom. I don't want to screw up my future but at the same time I can't be arsed.

    Physically, I'm constantly ill with something. Nausea, indigestion, some virus or infection, a rash, back pain etc. It's just so annoying.

    Am I going crazy? I'm worried I'm making all of this up and that I'm actually 100% healthy. I'm just so so so confused

    It sounds to me like it might be anxiety, regardless if it is something that is bothering you, speak to your gp, they'll have the best advice for you but tbh I think this can be quite a common problem based on what you've described. I would still recommend speaking to a professional though so you can get help getting past it
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