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What is this course like... I'm caught between choosing HL Chem and HL Bio. As much as I love a
challenge, I just want to be sure that this isn't like... Murder/suicide course. <as in... I'll go
crazy, kill my teacher, then kill myself... it could happen... specially since I am taking 4 HLs.>
I'm just wondering what exactly this course entails... <since my school doesn't really offer this
information> Also, my school is no longer offering HL Math... Now, It's just 3 different SL tracks.
Crazy, huh?

~Kelly ~~Who thinks she is better at Chem than Bio... but she doesn't know which to take.
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I liked HL Bio a lot more, but I had an excellent teacher. What you should do, is talk to both the
teachers. See what they're like. It sounds crazy, but if something about them annoys you, you won't
really like the class. You can still do well on the exam, but you'll have to do a lot more work on
your own. HL chem is slighty more concrete than bio. If you can understand the formulae, and can do
basic math, you should be fine. My HL bio class required more work, but I enjoyed it a lot more.
Neither are particulary hard; it's really a matter of preference. The only other thing you might
want to consider is what you want to do with the exam. Will you try and get college credit? If so,
you will want to think about which will be more useful for your chosen course of studies.
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I think your crazy to like Chem or Bio, they drive me up the bloody wall!!!! I myself am doing Physics and that is just seriously crazy why would u want to do something that makes you crazy, believe me the IB drives u mad MAD I TELL U!
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