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    Mr bright.
    Here, are you talking to me?
    You know I am.
    Do I?
    Your Son, Tommy. Where is he?
    Your guess is as good as mine.
    Come off it, you know full well what's going on.
    Alright, alright, keep your hat on.
    Where is he?
    Beats me.
    I won't ask you a third time!
    I'll have you know, if you keep on shouting like that, I'll have the coppers round here in a flash.
    And I'll have you know, Mr bright, if you don't tell us where the little runt is hiding, we'll make quick work of you and... Mable, is it?
    I don't take too kindly to threats from strangers.
    Stop! That's my wife’s pride and joy you're smashing! No, not the bird, anything but little Jimmy.
    I'll give you one last chance to tell me where Tommy is or this bird’s had it.
    Yes, alright! Just leave the poor bird, just leave little Jimmy alone.
    Tell me, now!
    Gordon Bennett! Where's my inhaler? You ain't half given us a bilious attack.
    I knew it wouldn't take me much for you to come clean.
    Tommy. He's in ... He's gone away to sea.
    To see? To see what? Where?
    The bloody sea, you halfwit!
    On a boat?
    A boat? Don't make me laugh! A rusty tub more like.
    How can I find him?
    Your guess is as good as mine. The last I heard was that he's gone up North – somewhere off the coast of Norway. Mind you, that was 2 months ago, so I wouldn't go looking for him up there now if I were you.
    Why's that?
    Jesus, school's served you well, ain't it? It's winter. The boy might be a drug addict, but he's wise enough to have sailed to warmer seas by now.
    Really? Is that an assumption, or is there something you're not telling me?
    If I tell you where he is, promise me no harm will come to him.
    You can be sure of that.
    He called me. Yesterday. From some place near Venice called ... Frocei, something.
    Thank you for cooperating, Mr Bright.
    Here, you promise me you won't hurt the dear boy! If you lay one finger on him, I'll kill ya!

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    You can personalise what you see on TSR. Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

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