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What does everyone think of the help to buy ISA? watch


    (Original post by ImNotSuperman)
    Then pay more for a detached house - there's plenty of them, it's not like you don't have a choice. Just because you don't like semi detached houses, doesn't mean other people don't like them.

    There's 65 million people living on a tiny island. Land is expensive, and it's just going to get more expensive as the population continues to rise.
    Forgive me but i think you are misunderstanding me. I am not for one minute belittling people who live in anything other than a detached house. I am simply saying that there is no reason why the vast majority of houses, especially new ones, annot be detached. The additional cost is minimal and the industry is doing this simply to max out profits and mugging the public off. The public should not accept it. Now im not saying that all houses should be detached AND be on a generous plot of land. No,,the difference between a semi and a detached need only be a couple of feet.

    There is no shortage of land in this country. There IS a shortage of available land because the powers that be have stolen it and jealously guard it for themselves in pursuit of wealth and profit.

    (Original post by Emma:-))
    What does everyone think of the help to buy ISA?
    Is it any good or not?
    Im looking into them but would like other peoples opinions.
    The Help To Buy ISA is quite if your the type of person who simply wants to get on the ladder and does not object to a 25% year mortgage. When combined with phase 1 of Help To Buy for example it's 15% of your new apartment.

    For myself i don't really want a mortgage over a decade long even if i went for something cheap enough to qualify for phase 1 of Help To Buy as opposed to a proper house.

    In short, it's insufficient but helpful/.
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