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Im doing english literature igcse with edexcel in the summer and am studying mice and men and Inspector calls however my teacher hasnt gone through the books in much detail and am wondering how i am going to revise them
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Our teacher is pretty much the exact opposite, we've been analyzing both the books for ages:laugh:
We've gone through each book in class and underlined all the key quotes and made a tonne of annotations relating to the themes and everything, I find that really helpful. There's loads of key quote banks on the internet for both books on things like GCSE Bitesize and yorknotes/oxnotes. For the exam knowing the key quotes is important and their rough place in the acts are important for saving time.
Your best bet to be honest, if your teacher is really not that detailed, are the revision guides like the ones you can get for sciences (CGP I think the company is). They go through all the historical background, themes, characters etc. all of which are key for getting all the Assessment Objectives.
Obviously practice papers and answers are advisable, just for getting the hang of writing your answers.

I find this English Literature the easiest, knowing the quotes and main themes are the key things really!

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