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I'm annoying my flatmate, as a football fan, help! watch

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    Hi guys, so basically, I'm a United fan. Normally I don't watch matches (mainly because I don't have Sky or BT, only freeview) but over the last few weeks, after being given advice on how to watch matches online by my big bro, I've started to watch the United matches.

    As my mum and dad can attest I'm a very vocal football fan. Well, to be fair when I have emotions I'm vocal in general (I've learnt that just letting it out, helps me to cope with them) and earlier in the year one of my flatmates got a bit peeved at me and asked me to tone it down, which I have.

    The problem is that whilst I fully understand him hating me coz I just shout at everything, my laptop when it's not working, people I'm communicating with on the internet (being a politics student seeing the things other people think is right a lot of the time is infuriating) etc. etc. it's a bit jarring to hear him complain about me basically being a football fan.

    I watched the United vs Arsenal match today, and as any footy fan would know we've been playing really bad, so watching the last three matches this week, where we won 3-0, 5-1 and 3-2 has been brilliant, and it's been a relief, so I've been shouting "YEAH" (as we do) when we score, getting p'd off at the ref when he's "useless" (I know some of you will have differences of opinions on ref decisions loool! ) and just generally supporting my team.

    With such a big day today, it's been a massive relief watching us score and win but when I came out of my room after watching the match, my flatmate was like "could you not shout the house down, it's kinda getting annoying now".

    The problem I have, is that it's not just me shouting to vent or shouting for no reason or something, any football fan will know that when you're watching your team and they score after a long period of time NOT scoring or things go your way, you end up just shouting involuntarily. I'm the only football fan in my house and my door's always shut anyway, so I don't think that going into the living room would help.

    I'm reluctant to go to a pub and watch the match, I like being on my own or with friends and family when I watch a match (unless I'm at the stadium obvs) so I don't really want to do that, but I don't want to annoy my flatmates, however whilst I can normally control my vocality, so to speak, and I've gotten used to venting in my head now or angrily whispering loool, I don't know if there's any way of me NOT shouting when United get a goal, or when the ref drives my blood pressure high, or things go wrong.

    At home, me and my dad are very vocal when we watch a match, sometimes, normally when I watch a match, it doesn't get me too vocal, even when we score, but at times when a match is tense, when a match is important, we get vocal, being in a house of me, mum and dad, me and dad being football fans and my mum kinda being a fan (in the way that some mums get involved in the sport the two men (well, one boy and one man ) in the house watch) it's normal, my mum will come running when we shout during a big match, or will even just have it on in the kitchen if she's cooking. So I'm not used to people getting annoyed at the vocality of football fans.

    So, long post, but finally, basically, I need some help. Has anyone else had a problem with this? Either being a fan or being the flatmate of a fan. Am I wrong to kinda just want him to recognise that I'm a fan and that I'm gonna be vocal, as so many of us are and that I don't mean to do it, nor will he have to face it every day of the week. Or am I not recognising I'm being too annoying and I need to work this out. I'm going to try to be quieter, but I don't know if, during a big match, I can and I'd rather have an understanding between me and my flatmate so that whilst I try to be quieter, he's not too peeved if I just can't help it, because I hate annoying people that haven't done anything wrong to me, I feel really guilty and really bad.

    So yeah, thanks for your help.

    It's probably more annoying because you said you shout at everything (the laptop, the internet, the football etc) so it's not just like shouting "YES" during a match. You are likely just a loud person and it is getting on his nerves. Why don't you just talk to him and try and work it out?
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