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I think my crush thinks I hate him :( watch

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    I've been interested in this guy since September as he joined my school & he completely didn't notice me at all.
    One day I wasn't even thinking & I struck up a conversation with him and he seemed really engaged and wanted to speak for quite some time (YAY).

    Soon after I'm not even exaggerating but he would always be glancing at me & I was so confused like no way me? & he would make an effort to be near me but I never really entertained it because i'm super shy too & I didn't want to always be the one starting conversations so i thought I'd wait for him to start speaking to me; he never did.

    One day I overheard him telling his friends how he has no game/gets no girls so whoever's interested in him should be the one to speak to him. but the way he said it seemed as if he's go for any girl who comes his way which made me think he liked the attention not me

    But anyway I'm so awkward so I would never like say hello to him & rarely smile at him so I practically ignored him but to be fair he never made an effort to speak to me either. So now he acts like i don't exist & I'm back to square one. But the difference is he knows I exist but chooses not to speak to me I guess.

    But recently I smiled at him from a distance and he pulled a funny/flirty face at me which was super cute but 2 seconds later he walked past me without saying anything.

    I'm very confused... He's so confusing to read you have no Idea!
    I think he doesn't speak to me because he thinks I don't like him or he's just not interested in me and I'm just delusional. How can i tell?

    Just show some interest in him, from the likes of it he probably assumed he was boring/annoying you.

    just talk to him, i dont know a guy who doesnt like it when a girl goes up to him and talks to him. just show him you like him and either hell make it clear he doesnt like you or he will take things further. On a sidenote, if you walk past him, say hi to him, if he ignores you then hes not worth your time
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