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Am I binge eating? watch

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    I'm one of those awful people in life who eats a lot of food and never really puts on weight. As a result, I don't really pay much attention (calorifically) to my food but I have a feeling it's coming back to bite me in the ass.

    I have had acid reflux for about 3 nights in a row. I don't really know why. Here's an example of what I ate today (sorry to bore you): crumpet, 2 weetabix, bowl of macaroni cheese with two slices of toast and toasted teacake, a banana, then a scotch egg with salad and chips and a slice of carrot cake afterwards. I mean, is that a lot for a young adult to be consuming? I didn't realize that my diet could cause acid reflux. Apologies if this sounds ignorant, but if I am having these acid refluxes do you think I should self-induce vomiting, as I don't know if this is what my body wants me to do? You can probably tell I'm not a med student.

    I do think about food a lot of the time, and I am a grazer in that I just eat whenever I feel like it. I look forward to food. I love food. But I'm not sure if I'm overeating and if I am do you have any methods to help me stop it?

    Thank you!

    It's often not how much you're eating but what you're eating so perhaps you should make an effort to mix in some healthy alternatives but tbh while that may be more than you should have on an average day it's not extraordinary or anything, binge eating is often related to boredom or stress so if you think you're growing through this, I'd recommend using the time for sport or a club?
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    PLEASE do not ever self-induce vomiting, EVER. It's lead me to a life of food misery and you will 100% regret it. Try eating healthy alternatives and noting down what you eat. If you change your diet slightly, the acid reflux should subside, otherwise go you their gp and they can give you some meds.

    It's not binge eating, that's more a compulsive thing to deal with emotions to the point you feel incredibly ill afterwards. It's also usually thousands of calories in a matter of 30 minutes rather then over the day grazing.

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