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    Exams are coming up May/June, and I feel underprepared as I missed a lot of time off school due to mental health, so I am behind the other students (bearing in mind it was a bit harder to begin with, jump from GCSE)

    I want to believe I am confident I can do it, but I have about 3 or 4 months to do intensive studying/revision, kind of crash course teach myself, so I'd just like to know exactly what I'm up against.

    What happens in each of the exams - writing, reading, listening, speaking? What are they expecting? Would appreciate detail and info

    Also, any revision tips? seems like the biggest thing with this is accumulating and learning loads of new vocab, and being pro at grammar

    I'm not sure what exam board you're doing but this is how the Edexcel AS Spanish Exams work:

    Unit 1 is the oral exam which lasts around 8 minutes (I think) where you're given a stimulus about your chosen topic (Youth Culture, The World Around Us, Health & Lifestyle or Education & Employment). Basically you're given 15mins to rephrase a short text so that when you answer the 4 questions about the text, you don't say exactly what's said on the text. Usually, the examiner will then proceed to ask you some additional questions about your topic which you may have prepared beforehand throughout the year. Of course, they'll test you on your vocab and specific terminology related to your topic as well as your ability to use the subjunctive orally - amongst other verb tenses.

    The Unit 2 exam (2h30min) is pretty straight forward in the sense that the structure is always consistent.

    Section A is the Listening where you're given 45mins to complete a set of 4 questions (the first 2 are multiple choice, the 3rd one is a fill in the blank question and the last one is where you need to write out the answer to the questions provided).

    Section B is the Reading [comprehension] (3 questions: 1 multiple choice, 1 set of questions which you answer in English using a text in Spanish and the last one is similar to the last question of Section A except that you're also given a text in Spanish and you need to answer the questions without copying the answers word for word like how they appear in the text ie. rephrase what's said in the text/use synonyms etc - if that makes any sense?)

    And finally, Section C is the Writing. Here, you'll have to write an essay of 200-220 words either in the form of a letter, article or report, about a specific topic (they change every year). 4 bullet points will be given about things you must mention in your essay so it's useful in terms of structure. I would write about 5 lines for each bullet point so that each one is equally mentioned. In Section C you must also show off your ability to juggle different verb tenses, especially the subjuntivo (apparently they're suckers for the subjunctive!)
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    Hi, yes it's Edexcel, thought I put that but I didn't!
    Thank you for all the info, very helpful. Will be looking at past papers too. If I can do it I'll give it a shot.
    Muchas gracias :-)
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