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    Hello there!

    I am shortly to be sitting the LSE UGAA exam and I'm sadly finding the most basic of maths problems... problematic. I don't seem to remember much since I stopped studying it 8 years ago :eek:
    If I write some of my queries below, would anyone be of assistance?
    They are pretty much GCSE level but the goog doesn't actually provide much help.

    Procedure and explanation would be much appreciated!
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    1. How do you work out implied interest rate (yearly and monthly)?

    eg. Sam wants to buy a motorbike that costs £5000. He can pay the entire amount now or choose a payment plan that consists of paying £2000 now and £3500 after 1 year.
    • What is the implied yearly interest rate for the payment plan?
    • What is the implied monthly interest rate for the payment plan?

    8t + 8 = 3(2t +5)

    3. What values of x satisfy both the following inequalities?

    x - 5 ≥ (4/5)x + 3 AND 100 - (1/6)x ≥ (1/3)x +80

    4.What values of x satisfy the equation?

    7x - 10 = 3(x +1) - 9

    5. Determine the value of r0 , when r is 1/4, and N is 0.5k.

    r = r0 (1 - N / k )

    6. How do you draw the answer to an equation on an xy-plane?

    eg. Every morning a school bus leaves from the centre of each village and takes the students to school A. The driving time can be computed as follows:

    y = 5 + (1/2)x

    Where y represents the driving time (in minutes) and x represents the distance (in km).

    Village A distance to school A - 5km
    Village B distance to school A - 67km
    Village C distance to school A - 42km
    Village D distance to school A - 21km

    Draw the graph of this equation on the xy-plane.

    ---> Would the y value be the answer to the equation and the x value the distance in km (5, 67, 42, 21)?

    ________________________________ _______________________________

    I really be so grateful for any help anyone could provide - I'm really nervous!


    You might do better if you post about 1 question at a time and show an attempt.

    For number 1, he pays 500 quid after a year on a principal of 3000 borrowed. Rate =500/3000 *100=16.67 %. Assuming that this is what implied interest rate is.
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