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    Have you perhaps contacting your uni to ask for assistance? Some unis give out emergency money for emergency financial circumstances.
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    To add to the above comment, your uni may also have jobs going.

    (Original post by The_throwaway)

    I am scared of my situation that I got myself into. I am EU student in Scotland and study computer science. I worked during first, second years to support myself but then quit my job before third year because I was afraid of falling behind in my studies. I was banking on getting an internship this summer to pay for the rest of the studies but it is already almost March and I have not secured it. I have a couple of interviews but I do not bank on them as well.

    I have another year left at university and will run out of money in November if I cannot find a job to support myself. My parents do not have much money and hence I cannot rely on them. The only experience I have is QA testing and some software development but having interviewed in 5 places already, I was given a rejection so my skills were probably not enough. I contacted my old place of work and they might have some work but closer towards summer and it is not guaranteed.

    I was also looking into loans from banks but they do not seem to give any to students except to grads but I need to survive and pay rent until I graduate. This is causing me stress and I have 9 exams to survive from May. Can you give me any advice on how to handle this situation?
    Firstly, talk to your uni about the situation. They will have people available to advise and help you out, so make use of this.

    Secondly, don't limit yourself to jobs where you already have some skills. What about simpler positions like cleaning or bar work? The university itself will more than likely be constantly hiring cleaners to work early mornings and/or evenings, and bars all over the city will be hiring people with and without experience for evening shifts. Think about the time of day you will work most efficiently, too; I did some bar work for a few months but it set my body clock all over the place and I had to stop.

    One tip, however; don't go for a position with a minimum number of hours which is unreasonable. Go for 10 hrs minimum rather than 20 hours minimum, for example. Also, if you can do all of these hours in one shift rather than in lots of smaller shifts, it will appear to take up less of your time as you won't need to get ready or travel there and back 5 times a week, it'll just be once.

    Thirdly, take another look at what's currently costing you money. Is there anything you could save on? Packed lunches or nipping back to your accommodation could be much cheaper than buying lunch each day; home-cook batches from fresh ingredients rather than buying ready-meals (one batch could do 6-8 hot meals, lasting you a week!); use the wonky, savers carrots instead of the organic evenly-sized pre-cut ones.
    Even go to the lengths of using two pieces of loo roll each time you wipe instead of three; saving you 1/3 on loo roll alone! Use 1/2 tbsp oil instead of 1 when you fry, keep the heating on for one less hour per day etc
Do you like carrot cake?

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